A Thousand Miles Apart

Remember your first couple of months at college?  Lonely, poor and eating enough carbs to make even Amy Winehouse fat?  Good times…good times.  Thankfully they don’t last forever.  Eventually you make friends, earn some money by selling plasma and learn what bars serve free appetizers during happy hour, but in the meantime, your downright miserable and all you can think about are your friends from home.  In short, these lost months at the beginning of your quest for a higher education are not exactly the stuff of musical inspiration.  That is, unless your A Thousand Miles Apart.  No I’m not talking distance here people…I’m talking one of the hottest new bands to hit the college rock scene in years.  We sat down with the band’s 2 masterminds Josh Q and Josh T to discuss the influence of distance on the band’s songwriting.

Josh Q [Colorado] i want to be green
and bold…there

Josh T [Arkansas] i’ll be red and italic!

Figment – How did you two [Josh Q and Josh T] meet?

well its a funny story actually…
yeah, both of our parents died in separate car crashes,
and were sent to the same hospital.
In the waiting room, i saw JQ while I was looking for people to judge. he was sitting alone wearing headphones that were not plugged into anything.
my ipod had been destroyed in the crash. i sat there, in shock, humming a tune that ended up turning into our song, “Road Trip.”
The song is less about a fun family road trip, and more about…
well you get the picture
he looked misunderstood, which is something i totally understand.
no one understands…
yeah, whatever. so we “bonded” or something over our ironically dead parents.
…now that i think about it… that’s not really a funny story…
yeah, but that’s what makes it funny

Figment – Anything you two want to tell us about your relationship?

oh no. jq likes girls.
i approve of them.

Figment – How hard is it to record an album like “Home Sweet Misery” with you two living so far apart?

Home Sweet Misery

Well Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tomborello (The Postal Service) did it, and my name is kinda like Jimmy
yeah, and my name’s kinda.. like… Ben?
anyway, despite our distance, we both found fault in our ‘homes.’
like when you’re at your dad’s place in Indiana with his super conservative, religious family for the whole summer and you haven’t had a drink in two months and you’re ready to shove a fork in your neck…
My stepmom was the anti-christ… while she was alive… her death may have saved millions….
With that kind of motivation, you can pretty much do anything

Figment – What the hell is mYousic all about – what does it mean? Is that like mmbop by Hansen?

mmmmmbop!.. hahaha
epic fail for a song.
poor guys.
It’s about the music in YOU! er… I guess it’d have to be the… you… in the music… whatever
we vouched for ‘music’ but apparently it was too simple minded.
a friend came up with mYousic at a party and i thought it was stupid, but it stuck. and that is what mYousic is all about.
exactly. because whenever you hear a song at a party that you hate, it gets stuck in your head.
The world revolves around irony.

Figment – The song “Cyanide in a Sippy Cup” is one of my favorites on the new album. What was the origin of that song?

It’s kinda like the whole, ‘babies sleeping in bathtubs’ thing
obviously not LITERALLY or anything…
it’s more centered on the irresponsibility and abusiveness of parents
your mom’s centered on the irresponsibility and-
his mom tried to kill him with a sippy cup.
what does that even mean?
next question.

Figment – You’re going on tour soon – any cities that you are looking forward to hitting?

I enjoy playing for an audience of strangers. but the feeling that comes from a hometown show is worth noting.
there’s a little bar and grill back home that we totally wont be playing at
he likes to emphasize the negative
it leaves less room for disappointment
I think we should buy the place and burn it down… while performing in it.
that would make an incredible music video.
reminds me of the last time i went on a date
a building burning to the ground?
[long pause]
literally or symbollically?

Figment – What do you do in your offtime?

I like to be introspective. You know, sit in a dark room, maybe lit by a candle or something, listening to Angels and Airwaves or Dashboard Confessional.
wow, I thought I was the gay one…
hahaha, i hop on trains as they come through town. it is very cathartic.
I watch a lot of trash television. Watching society as it sinks lower and lower is one of my favorite pastimes

Figment- Is the song “Leaky Faucets and Ceilings” really a song about plumbing or is that just a metaphor?

i have always interpreted it as a rainy day by the ocean.
really..? because i was thinking it was metaphorical for ones petty problems affecting the lives of others?
ooh. i like that. well done.
why thank you.
It really does feel like a rainy day by the ocean though
you’re an idiot
you are a leaky faucet.
[editor’s note:  both broke into song here for a solid thirty seconds.]

Figment – You sing about arson, insurance, plagues, etc. Will you ever sing about butterflies?

This album was centered around the feelings associated with an unhappy “home”, which isn’t really the best place for butterflies…
i heard a rumor that butterflies can stir up some nasty messes around the world.
maybe on our next album

Figment – Do you guys ever sign each other’s name when asked for an autograph? You know…as a goof?

we try to take our identities seriously. it is not easy having different parents that gave us the same name and then died at the same time. but there is something intriguing about our names. i think it makes us stronger as a band. who would pay to see KISS play without their masks on, right?
who would pay to see KISS, period? Sometimes I’ll just sign “Josh” so they’re totally at a loss… though my signature is barely legible anyway.
yeah, autographs are the only thing anyone wants handwritten anymore so we have to be creative. sometimes i sign over his name with a different color.
we once signed a whole show with invisible ink.
it was great because they left ecstatic, thinking they had our autographs. And by the time they got home, it was gone.
sometimes i wonder if we’re sadistic, or just bored.

Figment – Seriously, anything you want to tell us about your two’s relationship?

our love does not leave our music.
or my bedroom

Thanks for interviewing us, Eric
i like that name.
me too. we should write a song about him on our next album.
i’ve already got the instrumentals rolling.
i’ll email you lyrics within the hour.

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