A couple of months ago I kept running across articles about a new book of photography from well known documentary photographer Peter Beste.   The book claimed to be the first book to really take you inside the Black Metal scene in Norway.  Needless to say I was intrigued and decided to look for the book online.  I found Peter’s website and checked out a bunch of the photographs included in the book.  The photos were incredible, shocking, revelatory and beautiful to say the least.  I was fascinated, so fascinated that I decided to contact Peter to see if he would be interested in lending his expertise to a new contest on Figment.  I’m pleased to say that he said yes.

So what is the contest?  Well, we’re going to give a copy of Peter’s book of photography “True Norwegian Black Metal” to the Figment user who takes the best black metal band photo!  That’s right it’s time to pull out the grease paint and your trusty point and shoot and capture you or your friends in full regalia!  We are asking you to submit real photos, not ones obtained from the internet or from real black metal bands.  Just you and/or your friends captured in a moment of pure metal bliss.  To enter your picture you’ll need to do the following:

1.  Create a fake black metal band on Figment and use the photo as your band image.  Once you have created the band w/ the photo please post the band’s name as a comment to this post on our Figment News Blog, so that we and other users can check it out.  Make sure you post the comment to this post on our blog or your band photo entry won’t be considered.

2.  Again, the photo must be an original photo and must not be of a real black metal band – we will disqualify any photo that we think is not real.  We will also disqualify any picture that features animal sacrifice/cruelty and/or depicts violence commited on a human being.

3.  The contest will run from Friday, September 5th until Friday, Oct. 17th.  All submissions must be posted by no later than 11:59 pm ET on Friday, October 17th.

4.  By no later than, Friday, October 24th Figment will select the Top 10 band photos and send them to Peter Beste.  Peter will look the photos over and select the winner who will receive a copy of his book.  The winner will be announced on Oct. 31st.  Three runners up will win a “True Norwegian Black Metal” promo poster.  The book and posters are courtesy of Peter and his publisher Vice Books.

Here is a little background on Peter Beste to give you an idea of who will be ultimately judging the 10 finalists:

Documentary photographer Peter Beste has spent the last seven years working in the Norwegian black metal scene. This scene, with its notorious events of murder, church arson and self-mythologization is absolutely sealed to outsiders. Beste’s access and insight into this world has been absolutely without precendent, resulting in an amazing photographic journey which was published as a large scale photography book entitled True Norwegian Black Metal (Vice Books 2008).  Beste has had solo exhibitions in London, New York, San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, Oslo, and Bergen. His work has appeared in London Observer, Spin,  VH1, MTV, American Photo, Modern Painters, British Journal of Photography,  Dazed and Confused, XXL, and many others.

Needless to say, Peter is a Figment Industry Heavyweight and I trust you are as excited as I am to have him take a look at your photography.  So really pull out all the stops and try to create an image that you think really captures the black metal esthetic.  We look forward to your submissions.

If you’d like to read the full contest rules you can access them at http://www.figment.cc/home/tnbm.fig

12 Responses to “True Norwegian Black Metal Contest”

  1. Silmar Says:

    I just made two bands for the contest, they are Genghis Khan 666 and Brutal Sioux.

  2. Silmar Says:

    I made a new band, Sognekrieger. Come on figment people, make your black band!!! 😉

  3. What, you guys haven’t heard Kittakima? « Gynomite! Says:

    […] The winner of the Figment contest wins a copy of the book!!!  Amazing!  So strap on your boots, paint your face, and get angry!  Enter here! […]

  4. Danielle Says:

    The power of Peter Beste’s photographs is unmeasurable it would be an honor to own a copy of this book!

    band created -> Inconceivant


  5. Silmar Says:

    Hello, I added a lot of bands today. This is because I thought that maybe some people didn’t dare to submit their pictures because they think there won’t be enough pictures for the contest to still continue, so now feel free to post your creations, we reached ten pictures!

    The bands are : the Almighty Hellhound, Evil Triplets, Spirit of Euronymous, Eternal Forest of the North, Mad Silence and BC Kitsch.

    PS : my friends suck, they were all enthusiastic about the contest but it seems that none of them actually did it!!!

  6. alexrave Says:

    Mine: Choreo Chasma, Eua Ge Lion, Hate New Generation, Dia Pason, Azoos, Chthon.

  7. alexrave Says:

    i decided to change “Chthon” bandname. So “Autos Chthon” instead..

  8. alexrave Says:

    new bads are: Aposelenious, Astron Plasis

  9. alexrave Says:

    “bands”, sorry..

  10. Silmar Says:

    Waow, here comes quite a competition with Alexrave! I add a new band : Fire Demon

  11. alexrave Says:

    Here is new band: Vivus

  12. Binks Says:

    My submission: Ghost Train

    Crap, I just stumbled upon this a little too late. I hope I can still participate, this is awesome.

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