In an effort to give more of you a chance to participate we have decided to extend the True Norwegian Black Metal Contest by 2 weeks and open it up to Figment users outside of the U.S.  You will now have until October 17th to submit your Black Metal band photo and we’ll be awarding the winner a copy of Peter Beste’s new book of black metal photographs “True Norwegian Black Metal” to the winner on Halloween!  Is there any better day to award a book on black metal than October 31st?  I think not.

So if you’re trying to decide what to wear for Halloween here is your opportunity to kill two birds with one stone…figuratively speaking not literally.  And if taking the time to dress up in black metal gear is too hard or intimidating a proposition – then let your creativity flow and take a picture that you feel best sums up black metal to you.  If you take a look at Peter’s photos you’ll see that nature plays a big role in the ethos of Black Metal.  Often a cool shot of a gnarled tree can evoke more than some yutz in full metal regalia, so use your imagination and create something you think evokes Black Metal.  To view the rules visit our previous Figment News post on the contest and don’t forget that you have to post a comment with the name of the band your submitting for entry in order to qualify!

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