On Figment the whole goal of the game is to amass fans and in doing so increase album sales.  Interacting with your fans through mutual shouts or by becoming fans of their bands will only increase your chances of selling more albums and in turn earning more lucre.  In short, fans are the lifeblood of your band and it’s important that you not only appreciate them, but interact with them, just like in the real music business…or maybe not.  According to this BBC report, Beatles drummer Ringo Starr seems to think that his fans are more trouble than they are worth.

Here’s the video that Ringo posted on his site to fans looking for an autograph:

Now I can imagine that being a former member of arguably the most popular band in the history of music is not an easy task.  I’m sure you can’t take a pee without someone wanting something from you – “Can I have a sample Ringo?” – but I hope you won’t decide to take this same tack with your fans on Figment, because it may end up turning them against you.

Thank god our own Ramgoat Starr still gets by with a little help from his fans!!!

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