Who You Calling Fake?

November 6th, 2008

When Pusher put out their debut album “To The Limit” in June they made a point of name-checking Hinder as a band they felt were trying to steal their sound and image.

“We make unapologetic hair metal. That’s right Hinder you haven’t cornered the market on trying to resurrect pop metal that is more concerned with bandanas, hair spray, bad tattoos and underage peroxide blondes. We’re just as derivative as you! F@#king poseurs.”

Well lo and behold, Hinder may have just struck back.  Check out the title of their new album that was just released on November 4th!  Take it to the Limit?  Sounds as if somebody was taking a swipe at Pusher – what do you think?

We contacted Pusher lead singer Rikki Snake to ask him his opinion and got this response:

“What do you expect from a bunch of no-talents like Hinder!  Those hacks couldn’t write an original song if their lives depended on it.  So am I surprised that they stole our album title?  NO!  F@#king pieces of s%*t!  F@#k them!”

When I asked him if Pusher planned any legal action he responded by saying:

“We would if we could afford a lawyer.  No we’ll handle this the old-fashioned way.  If they want a war, we’ll give em’ one.  We’re going to bludgeon them with riffs, man!  It’s on baby!”

So what does Hinder have to say about all of this?  Unfortunately we don’t know because their management company repeatedly refused our requests for comment.

Pusher are currently in the studio working on the follow up to “To The Limit”, so all bets are on the fact that the second salvo in this on-going band feud will be fired in the form of a song!

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