Holiday Album Contest

December 1st, 2008

Well it’s that time of year again…the holidays!  Aren’t you excited?  No?  Well, start getting excited, because here at Figment we’ve got some great holiday contests planned.

The first contest is our Holiday Album Contest!  That’s right, time to create that syrupy contractual obligation album chock full of those lame holiday songs .  Here are the rules:

1.  You must be a registered Figment user (with an account).  If you don’t have a Figment account yet please create one.  This contest is open to Figment users worldwide.

2.  Create a holiday album or EP (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus) on Figment for one of your existing groups or a new group, and release it.  Please remember not to use any copyrighted or trademarked images or characters when creating your fake album/EP.  If you do we will ban the album and disqualify it from contention.  We would also appreciate it if you would refrain from using offensive material (no racist, sexist or pornographic images or language) in the creation of your album/EP.

3.  Post the name of the group and their album/EP here in the comment box of this blog post by no later than midnight EST on December 12th and it will be entered!

The Figment News editorial staff will be selecting the Top 5 finalists and the album/EP receiving the most #1 votes will be awarded the grand prize.  We’ll be judging the entries on a number of criteria including the album artwork, description and song titles.  The runners up will each receive lucre prizes as follows – 2nd place 400 pieces, 3rd place 300 pieces, 4th place 200 pieces and 5th place 100 pieces of lucre.

So what is the grand prize you ask?  Well, we were looking for something that captured that sense of imagination and creativity that epitomizes Figment and in the end we could find no better example of that than the newly released book The DC Vault by Martin Pasko.

The DC Vault is a Museum-In-A-Book™ featuring rare collectibles from the DC Universe.  The book unlocks DC Comics’ most fascinating secrets and deeply buried treasures, presenting a colorful array of historic and never-before-published memorabilia, including early sketches, covers, memos, press materials and much more.  From a working reproduction of a 1942 Junior Justice Society of America decoder, to a series of Public Service Announcements starring Superman and Batman, to the original cover pencils and cover inks for Wonder Woman #63, this dazzling chronicle contains more than 25 plastic-encased archival pieces for readers to pull out and examine – all while learning about the artists, writers, and world-famous superheroes that make up the DC Universe.

So the grand prize winner will be receiving a copy of The DC Vault courtesy of Running Press as well as a lucre prize  of 500 pieces of Figment Lucre.

We’re looking forward to spreading some holiday cheer, so get to work on your holiday masterpiece!

11 Responses to “Holiday Album Contest”

  1. John-Mrk Says:

    Group:Not For Real
    Album:The 12 Tracks of Christmas

  2. John-Mrk Says:

    Group:Disciples Of Perdition
    Album:Hard Rock Christmas

  3. surrealmod Says:

    Group: Reverend Peter Roman’s Rock Band
    Album: Rev Roman’s Disturbingly Familiar Xmas Songs

  4. surrealmod Says:

    group: Vicious Fish’s
    Album: Santa Works for the CIA

  5. Overground Says:

    Group: O’Blivion
    Album: Snowfall’s Hush

  6. smi23le Says:

    Group: Anal Fissures
    Album: Christmas is for Pussies

  7. smi23le Says:

    Group: Welcome to the Depression
    Album: Sub-Prime Santa

  8. DarkImmortal Says:

    Group: Reign of Sin
    Album: A Dark Demented Christmas

  9. surrealmod Says:

    Group: Wagner on Acid
    Album: Reindeer’s Little Helper

  10. makemlaugh2003 Says:

    Group: Coyote McGee
    Album: It’s Christmas in…IDAHO!!!

  11. blacksunshine1 Says:

    Band: Lips Laced With Cyanide
    EP: Our Dark Minds -Special Edition Christmas EP~

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