Win Rikki’s Lucre!!!

January 21st, 2009

So are you ready to win some more of our staff’s lucre?  I hope so, cuz Rikki has just announced the details of his “Win Rikki’s Lucre!!!” contest.

As everyone knows there are only 2 things that we can all count on in this life and that’s death and taxes.  Well, in the case of music fans you can add one more constant to that list and that is that everyone’s favorite band will eventually break up.  It’s a fact.  The thing is that in this day and age no one stays broken up for long.  Whether it’s the lure of easy money or just a need to revisit past glories, everyone from The Police to Blur and Mott the Hoople reform in an attempt to recapture that lightning in a bottle that made them popular in the first place.

So what does this have to do with Rikki’s contest?  Well, Rikki would like you to “get the band back together” again!  That’s right – here’s the official rules.

1.  You must be registered Figment user.  If you don’t have a Figment account yet, please create one.  This contest is open to Figment users worldwide.

2.  Create a band and write up a band description that describes the band’s rise, fall, and ultimate reunion.  Keep in mind that Rikki is looking for the best possible “Dude, I’m getting the band back together” back story.  Then create a reunion album for the band and release it.  Please remember not to use copyright or trademarked images or characters when creating your fake band and album/EP.  If you do we will ban the band/album and disqualify it from contention.  We would also appreciate if you would refrain from using offensive material (no racist, sexist or pornographic images or language) in the creation of your album/EP.

3.  Post the name of your group and their album/EP  as comment to this blog post by no later than 12:00 pm EST on Friday, February 6, 2009 and it will be officially entered!  No bands, albums/EPs that are not listed as a comment to this blog post will be considered.

Rikki will be judging all of the entries and picking one lucky winner to receive all of the lucre he has earned up till the day the winner is announced!  So let the healing begin and tell us about your band’s journey to hell and subsequent rebirth!  Consider it you’re own personal “Behind the Music” episode.

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  1. Will Says:

    “Estamos de vuelta” by: The Rooftops

    It means We Are Back in Spanish, but the album is not in Spanish.

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