Did your read our latest newsletter?  If you did, you know that we were set  to launch a new feature on Figment real soon.  Well, soon…is now!  We just launched our new Figment Merch Store! If you’ve ever wanted to take your fake band to the next level, now you can by creating a custom tour shirt for them!

A big part of the fun of creating a fake band is being able to share your band with friends and strangers alike.  What’s one of the best ways to do this?  Merch baby Merch!  There’s nothing better than wearing a t-shirt with your fake band on it and having a complete stranger stop you to ask where you saw the band.  Now that’s bringing your band to life!

It’s that ability to make your fake band come alive that led us to create a store where you could create custom apparel and do it on a one-off basis.  To do this we teamed with Spreadshirt to create our new Figment Merch Store where you can create a custom tour shirt for any of the bands or albums you’ve created.  Spreadshirt’s Designer let’s you personalize over 100 different articles of clothing with images (either the ones we have permanently added to our store or whatever design you’d like to upload) and/or text to create your band merch!

For those band’s who we think create images that a lot of people will be interested in wearing we’ll be awarding a special merch icon and lucre reward in return for placing their design in the shop.  We’ve already awarded this honor to Darkling, The Bleatles and a few other bands.  So be on the lookout for those bands that win this special award!

In order to create the best shirt possible  we suggest you read Spreadshirt’s info on how to best use their Designer.  Once you have, we hope you’ll take the time to create some merch for your band!

We can’t wait to see people walking down the street wearing your band’s merch – so make it work!

3 Responses to “Create A Tour Shirt For Your Band!!”

  1. formerwageslave Says:

    I got my Lucifer and the Long Pigs t-shirt in the mail last month, and it’s awesome! Can’t wait to start wearing it to gigs– I JUST missed getting in time for the local High on Fire/Torche/Kylesa show. It’s the text + cattle skull w/ pentagram image that serves as LLP’s band photo on their profile. 🙂

  2. eric Says:

    formerwageslave – glad to hear you love your shirt. Would love to see more of our players wearing their band colors!

  3. frizbee Says:

    I’ve wanted to order a Xenophilia Tour shirt, as well as create some Eccentric Arcade shirts for a long time now. I just never seem to have the spare cash to do so. While it’s not ridiculously expensive, I do have a hard time shelling out almost $25 for a shirt (if you want a front and back design). One of these days I’ll finally get around to it.

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