The Fustercluck Interview

April 8th, 2009

We were thrilled when Dusty Souffle and Friski Bouffet of Fustercluck agreed to sit down with us for an interview. We were even more thrilled when they said they wanted to do a video interview!!! A Figment News first might I add! Unfortunately, on the day of the interview Friski had to bow out of the interview because he was undergoing a voluntary cranial replacement, but Dusty refused to postpone the interview and ably fielded our questions himself. If you’ve never checked out Fustercluck (a side project of The Frozen Cement Explosion) then you’re in for a treat, so sit back and enjoy!

Figment News would like to send out a special thanks to Dusty Souffle for all his hard work in helping to make this interview possible! You can show him your gratitude by buying the latest release from The Frozen Cement Explosion, “Chawmpin'” on Figment.

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