John Coulthart made his picks and the winner of the 2009 Figment Album Cover Design Contest is Figment user Zippo for his cover design for The Pearls of Lutra.  John had this to say about the cover for their album “I Shall Still Do My Best:

Of all the entries this was easily the most visually arresting even though the image isn’t particularly graceful. Pretty images or glossy photos aren’t always what you need on an album cover but impact counts for a great deal. I’ve no idea where the photo comes from but it’s immediately striking. And the placement of the typography was carefully done as well, it doesn’t spoil the power of the image. The face and the type balance each other with both moving towards the centre. A lot of bands would be very pleased with a cover like this.

So congratulations Zippo, you’ve just won Adobe Photoshop CS4-Extended courtesy of Adobe, a copy of the book “Reasons To Be Cheerful: The Life and Work of Barney Bubbles” by Paul Gorman, and 1,000 pieces of lucre!!!

As you know we had a lot of great entries and unfortunately not everyone can win, but John did pick 4 runners up to round out the Top 5.

Finishing #2 and taking home the second prize of 500 pieces of lucre was overground for his design of the “Malevolence” cover for Fait Accompli.


Third place and a lucre reward of 400 pieces of Lucre went to frizbee for his design of Eccentric Arcade’s self-titled debut.


Fourth place and a lucre reward of 300 pieces of lucre also goes to thehoseman for the cover design of Gunshot Love’s debut “Don’t Get Your Hopes Up!”.


And fifth place and 200 pieces of lucre goes to javdoc for his cover design of Crimson Eye’s “Warmonger” EP.


We’d like to thank John Coulthart for lending his expert “eye” and time to help us conduct this contest.  John has a been a real pleasure to work with throughout this entire process and we consider him a real friend of Figment.  We hope you’ll support him by checking out and buying some of his work.  You can also stay in touch with what he’s up to by reading his blog Feuilleton.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!  We’ll be announcing another contest soon, so be on the lookout.

3 Responses to “You Can Judge An Album By It’s Cover!”

  1. alan Says:

    Thank you! I am ever humbled.

    I guess this women did not listen to the warning:
    “If you keep making that face its gonna freeze like that”.

    Seriously tho, all credit goes to the photographer, who is still unknown (flickr).

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