I Will Follow

May 18th, 2009


Here at Figment we’re always preaching “promotion, promotion, promotion”, because like a real band a fake band needs fans, and since you don’t have any music it’s important you figure out ways to get your band’s back story and images out there any way you can.  That’s why we’re so excited to see a band like Eccentric Arcade come along and not only promote their band on Figment, but also set up a Twitter account and begin promoting the band on that site.  The fun is that they may very well begin adding followers on Twitter who believe the band is real!  But then if it has fans maybe it is?

If you haven’t checked out Eccentric Arcade’s Twitter feed you should.  Follow them and help them build an audience, but more importantly do the same for your own bands.  We’d love to see more fake bands realize their true potential.  And while you’re at it follow our FigmentNews twitter feed to get the latest on what other bands are doing on Figment.

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