Concept albums…there are good ones and plenty of bad ones, but say what you will about them they are a mainstay of rock-n-roll.  With that in mind, we thought it was high time we design a contest that would bring out the thematic best in you all, so we’re unveiling our latest contest – The Figment Concept Album Contest.

The contest begins today, Wednesday, May 20th and will run until Wednesday, June 17th.  During that time we’ll be asking you to create a concept album based around a central theme.  The album’s artwork, description and songs all have to relate to that central theme.  Our crack Figment editorial staff will be judging the entries and will crown a winner and two runners up.  The winner will receive a prize package containing a copy of The Decemberists newest concept album “The Hazards of Love” courtesy of Capitol Records, a copy of Mastodon’s latest concept record “Crack the Skye” courtesy of Reprise Records, a copy of Green Day’s latest concept album “21st Century Breakdown and 500 pieces of Lucre.  The first runner up will receive a copy of “The Hazards of Love” courtesy of Capitol Records and 350 pieces of Lucre, and the 2nd runner up will receive a copy of “The Hazards of Love” and 200 pieces of Lucre.

To enter please follow these basic rules:

1. You must be a registered Figment user to participate.  If you don’t currently have a Figment account please click here to create one.  This contest is open to Figment users worldwide.

2.  Create a fake band on Figment and release a concept album with cover art.  You may also release a concept album from an existing band that you have previously created.  To be considered an album must be based around a central theme which is articulated and reflected in the album artwork, description and song titles. Once you have released the album or album(s) you want to submit as an entry please post the band and album name as a comment to this post, so that we and other users can check it out.  If you don’t post the band/album name as a comment to this post or your concept album entry won’t be considered.

3. Users may enter as many concept albums as they would like.

4.  Any artwork used in the creation of your album cover should either be original or at least one at which you have the permission of the copyright owner to use.  If you do use someone else’s work you need to make it your own by at the very least adding text or something that makes it your own.  Any album designs that are judged as being a copy of an existing work will be disqualified.  We will also disqualify any album cover that is offensive in nature – sexist, racist or hate-based.

4.  The contest will run from Wednesday, May 20th until Wednesday, June 17, 2009.  All submissions must be posted by no later than 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, June 17th.

5.  By no later than, Friday, May 19th Figment will select the Top 3 concept albums – a winner and two runners up.  The winner and runners up will be announced on Friday, June 19, 2009.

You can view the full official rules at

We’re going to be judging the entries based on the creativity of the album’s central theme and how well that theme is conveyed throughout the album, from the artwork to the song titles.  So good luck and let the conceptualization begin!!!

25 Responses to “Figment Concept Album Contest”

  1. Javdoc Says:

    Band: Crimson Eye
    Album: Imperium

  2. Javdoc Says:

    Band: Minitrue
    Album: Victory Gin And Other Love Songs

  3. ChildofAlma Says:

    Band: DeathBreth
    Album: An Angel Scorned

  4. Dune117 Says:

    band: Finding the Remainder
    album:Loooooong Division

  5. guitarplayer440 Says:

    Band:predators of the night
    Album:predators of the night

  6. GKWookie Says:

    Band: Accendo Nox Nocto

    Album: Clinging to Light

  7. theHoseman Says:

    Band: Vortromeda
    Album: Replicant

  8. Brandon Says:

    Summer (Hang 10) by Wind swell

  9. Brandon Says:

    Music revolutionaries by defile authority

  10. guitarplayer440 Says:

    album:alliance of the dead
    band:predators of the night

  11. Nocturnal Says:

    Band: Minagoroshi
    Album: Tokyo Harumageddon

    Band: Living Dead God
    Album: The Time of Judas

  12. Javdoc Says:

    Band: Lords Of Winter
    Album: Journey To Roh’Orn

  13. theHoseman Says:

    Band: AlphaHistamines
    Album: the Boots of Sharpened Blades”

  14. guitarplayer440 Says:


    Havin’ Sex
    Ninja Penguins

  15. guitarplayer440 Says:

    Band: RSTV
    Album: Time

    Band: Ninja Penguins
    Album: Havin’ Sex

  16. DarkImmortal Says:

    Band: The Dark Immortal
    Album: Our Black Hearts EP

  17. guitarplayer440 Says:

    Band:Nerdy Geeks
    Album:Life At Harvard

  18. Dan Says:

    Band: Hillbilly Carapace
    Album: Grits ‘n’ Shine: Mountain Living

  19. Dan Says:

    Band: Children of a Nuclear Winter
    Album: After the Bomb

  20. Nick Says:

    Band: Flames of Wrath

    Album: 2012 AD

  21. Nick Says:

    Band: Salted Wound

    Album: See You In Disneyland

  22. guitarplayer440 Says:

    Band: RSTV

    Album: Life as the pizzaman

  23. resuki Says:

    Band: TECH
    Album: The Production!

  24. Nocturnal Says:

    Band: Minagoroshi

    Album: Shinjuku Death Moon

  25. Javdoc Says:

    Band: Kings Of Hades
    Album: In The Aftermath

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