Leaking Arcade!

July 9th, 2009

EA Leaked Album

In this age of file sharing it’s no surprise that band’s often find their work circulating on the web long before it’s official release date.  Overzealous fans, unscrupulous studio personnel and radio stations looking for a jump on the competition have leaked tracks or whole albums from bands like The White Stripes, Gnarls Barkley, Arcade Fire and Spoon.

To combat leaks, bands like the Raconteurs have even gone to the trouble of announcing the release date of a new album with very little advance notice.  Too bad that plan failed when iTunes leaked it early.   In U2’s case, their new album “No Line On The Horizon” wasn’t leaked by fans or radio stations, but by their very own label who botched things up by accidently leaking the album to the internet prior to it’s global release date.  Oops!

Needless to say, protecting one’s recorded work becomes harder by the day and band’s on Figment are hardly immune to this problem.  On Wednesday, Eccentric Arcade saw tracks from their upcoming “Technicolor Yawn” album leaked to the internet by someone named Some Douche.   We contacted the band to see how they felt about the album’s leak and what they planned to do about it.

Figment News:  What’s the band’s reaction to your unfinished album being leaked to the public?

Riki: Well, we got a call from our management and they said they had some bad news regarding the album. And we started freaking out thinking that something got messed up during the pressing of the c-ds or something and we were gonna have to push back the release date. Then they told us that rough versions of the tracks had hit the internet and it was kind of a collective “oh, great”.

Ferny: At first we were kind of pissed off because these were tracks that we’ve worked really hard on for a while now. And seeing them spread across the internet before they were ready to be heard is like seeing the bride before the wedding.

Riki: But then we realized that rather than go all Lars Ulrich about it we would just let it be. I can’t say I never downloaded leaked music, so who am I to judge? The fans that were lucky enough to get an early copy should just consider it a collector’s item.

Figment News:  Do you know who leaked the album?

Riki: As of right now we have no idea. More than likely it was a random tech or maybe even one of the night clean up guys.

Figment News:  Any plans to bring legal action against anyone involved?

Riki: We don’t want this to turn into a big witch hunt. Honestly, whoever stole the c-d has nothing to gain from leaking it other than fan admiration. If people started selling copies of it then we would have a problem.

Marcus: If we see it pop up on eBay, it’s on!

Figment News:  How do you think this effects your release plans for the new album?

Riki: We talked about possibly moving the release date forward and getting the album out sooner, but we didn’t want to rush getting the c-ds pressed and shipped and risk any problems with it. And it leaked pretty close to our planned release date anyway, so we figured why rush it? The real deal, final version of the album will be out 9/14/09.

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