Podcast #3 Clap for the Thank You

November 29th, 2009


Larry’s Media Picks

  • The Heavy – The House That Dirt Built – Rocked out songs with an R&B back beat and just pissed off enough to be loud and fun. I think I keep calling them The Heavies and I do that on the podcast too. It’s not plural.
  • Mike Farris and the Roseland Rhythm Review – Shout! Live – If you like the Heavy you’ll like this. More funky than Rock and roll though. Reminds me alot of the great Maceo Parker album – Life on Planet Groove.
  • Girls in Trouble – I bought this becuase of the sticker on the cover alone: “What if the girls from the bible started an indie rock band?”, had to buy it, I have no idea if it’s any good as I’ve only listened to it once.

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5 Responses to “Podcast #3 Clap for the Thank You”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Bacon makes the world go round!
    Larry, thanks for the heads up on The Heavy. I just listened to some of their stuff…very cool, I liked it a lot!
    Also, I too have bought (real) albums over the years based on a description or cover art with out knowing anything else about the band. Been pretty lucky, only a few clunkers. Usually they turn out to be at least listenable (is that even a word?) Occasionally they even become favorites.
    I’d make some recommendations, but you both seem to have vast collections. I’m thinking, anything I suggest, you probably already know about. One artist I’ve really been diggin’ lately is Trombone Shorty. I’ve seen him a couple times the last 2 years when he rolls through town. Amazing live show! New Orleans jazz, but updated and rockin’ with lot’s of improvisation and solos, etc.
    I really enjoy the podcasts! Keep it up!

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    I wanted to run by a quick suggestion. So there are bands like Gothzilla and Pastor of Muppets who are the top two bands having only released one extremely successful album each and have pretty much since then become inactive on the site. I, personally don’t think their success is deserved since they no longer use the site yet still remain at the top of the charts, but that’s just me. I just don’t think it’s fair to all of the current users who work really hard w/ their stuff and are putting out new albums every month to not be higher up. Maybe there just aren’t as many users who can become their fans to even come close to the top. Perhaps the site could enact some kind of inactivity rule so that bands who are inactive for a certain period of time can fall off the charts (similar to the hot albums chart) after a certain period of time to make way for current users for a shot. As it stands now, I don’t think any band can make it to the top 5 fairly (w/ the exception of Phallic Acid, who obviously made it there by cheating). Thanks

  3. Eric Says:

    TMTYTF – Thanks for your suggestion, but in the future this isn’t really the best venue for feedback of this type. Try to use the feedback tab (red tab on left of every page after you log in) so that others can weigh in as well. I hear what you’re saying, but we purposely didn’t change the Top Bands chart when we made the move to the Hot Albums Chart because the purpose of the Top Bands chart is not to show who is hot at the moment, but rather who has built up the most fans over time. Although several of the bands listed haven’t been active of late that doesn’t diminish what they accomplished, so to take them out of the list wouldn’t be fair. Now, if everyone feels the way you do, maybe we’ll reconsider, but for now I’m not inclined to make the change. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate your suggestion though, so keep em’ coming.

  4. frizbee Says:

    I actually have to agree with Larry on this week’s podcast. I know that “pop” is short for “popular music”, but it’s gone much the same way of when bands like Van Halen were considered “heavy metal”; the genre has evolved into something new entirely. When I hear “pop” I automatically think of boy bands and Britney Spears. But even Miley Cyrus, a pop star herself, just called rapper Jay-Z “popular music”. Like Larry said, back in the day there were acts like Frank Sinatra or even The Monkees that were considered “popular music”, whereas nowadays Sinatra is considered more of a jazz singer. I definitely wouldn’t consider The Monkees a pop band, but I might put them in more of the pop-rock category. When you really boil it down, genres are all just sort of temporary anyway, because one day even Metallica will be considered classical music.

    P.S. Thanks for another shout out! I’ll keep trying to pump out the best work I can!

  5. ChildofAlma Says:

    I agree with TMTYTF on the subject of inactive bands.

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