2010 Figgies – Best Single

March 13th, 2010

Aah, the Best Single Figgie, a single shot of goodness.  This category is always one of the hardest, because there are so many great song titles on Figment that we have to balance the funny ones with the more serious ones.  In the end, we try to provide a mix of nominees that are simply the best.

So take a look at this year’s nominees below and then cast your votes by clicking here.

“Careful With Those Shears Delilah!” by Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls

“Never Too Warm For Wool” by Amish Militia

“Double Bacon Hate Burger” by Fistful of Firearms

“Rust and Mildew” by Eccentric Arcade

“Walking With Spirits” by Whispers to the Fallen

“Fonzy Scheme” by Van Q

“Slash, Slash, Murder Bash!” by The Dark Immortal

“Typeface Not Font MFer” by dzinr

Time is running out!  So cast your votes now!

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