As I explained in an earlier post, The Figment Awards or “Figgies” as we like to call them recognize excellence in fake band creation and marketing.  The nominees are selected by our Figment editorial board, but the winners are selected by you and your fellow Figment players.  So thanks for taking the time to cast your votes, we appreciate it.


Now, let’s see who won a Figgie this year!


Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls


“Double Bacon Hate Burger” by Fistful of Firearms


Hookahs, Not Bazookas!

Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls


Hot Flying Fragments


Suicide By Papercut “Chronicles”


“Seizure Salad” by Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls

Well, there you have it!  Congratulations to all of the Figgie Award winners.  Zandergriff Miggs and his Parliament of Owls was clearly the big winner of this year’s awards taking 3 of the six awards.  So congrats Zander and the Owls!  We’ll be crediting each of the winner’s accounts with 250 pieces of lucre and placing a special Figgie Award icon on their band’s page to recognize their achievement.

We’d also like to congratulate all of the nominated bands for their great work in 2009.  It’s never easy to go home empty handed, but your work did not go unnoticed and we have every reason to believe you’ll be back next year, maybe even with a new band!?

So until next year…

11 Responses to “Podcast #7: And The Figgie Goes To…”

  1. Javdoc Says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Nicely done.

  2. frizbee Says:

    Ouch. I must admit that it’s hard to have so much of your work nominated and not take home anything. This is clearly Zander’s year. Congrats to the winners. To my fellow losers…let’s hope we fair better next year.

  3. theHoseman Says:

    Wow. I’m not even sure what to say. Thank you to everyone who voted for my work. Thank you to everyone who creates fake bands on Figment. There is so much crazy creativity going on on this site – lots of great bands and concepts – I’m honored and humbled to have won these awards.

    Congrats to all the nominees and winners
    I’m bummed that most of the things I voted for didn’t win. There are so many great bands/albums out there.

  4. frizbee Says:

    There are actually a few winners that were ones that I voted for, which is always cool. If I couldn’t personally win, at least the people that I wanted to win were able to claim victory! I would have been shocked if SbP hadn’t won Album Cover of the Year. That cover is amazing. I never even thought I stood a chance in that category, lol.

    Huge congrats to all of the winners! I have had the pleasure of collaborating with several of my fellow nominees, which has been awesome. And now I will have the pleasure of working with Zander in Prime! And, who knows? Maybe we’ll collaborate on other ventures down the line.

    It was an incredible honor just to be nominated. As cliche as that may sound. Time to raise the bar and make BIG things happen for next year!

  5. ChildofAlma Says:

    I too will get the chance to work with Zander in Prime! the obvious king of the figment scene. I should have known I never stood a chance. I’ll admit when I first looked at the results, I almost kicked my dog, but then I realized that they were some pretty worthy winners. For once, I’ve witnessed a competition unaffected by bias. The winners were solely chosen based on the criteria at hand, and I applaud this.

    I should get myself a copy of photoshop… maybe that would be a good place to start.

  6. Eric Says:

    Thanks for all your comments. I’m glad everyone participated and congratulations to all of the bands that were nominated.

    I must say though, that I’m a bit surprised by ChildofAlma’s inference that previous competitions had been effected by bias. What bias are you referring to? A bias for certain bands or players? And whose bias is it? That of our guest judges? The Figment editors?

    As I stated after the poster contest ended we spend a lot of time considering the entries that are submitted, and we make a concerted effort take into account everyone’s skill level – in other words owning Photoshop, while definitely a helpful tool, is not a prerequisite. The real key is creating albums that are consistent with the band’s genre and that in “our opinion” create the most coherent “figment” of a band. Beyond that it’s how well a band or album meets the criteria of the actual contest rules. We understand that some will take issue with our decisions, but to imply “bias” is a strong claim and an unfounded one at that.

  7. ChildofAlma Says:

    Whoa! I was way misinterpreted. I meant that competitions outside of Figment are full of bias based on… things. This was a very fair competition and the winners all really deserved their acclaim, unlike some competitions on, say, TV shows where winners are sometimes chosen on because of ridiculous reasons.

  8. theHoseman Says:

    Hey all,
    I just wanted to chime in on the whole “Photoshop” thing. If you don’t want to drop the coin for Photoshop…there are other resources. I do not have Photoshop. I do all my covers by bouncing things back & forth between Pages (Mac word processor) and ( a great free photo editing web site.) It can’t do a lot of the things that Photoshop can, but with a little ingenuity, it allows for some decent results. Sometimes, I think, not having the best tech forces me to work around problems and find ways to make things work.
    Give it a try, you may like it! It suits my needs.

  9. eric Says:

    Fair enough ChildofAlma, that’s why I asked. Thanks for clarifying.

  10. frizbee Says:

    When I started on Figment, I no longer had a copy of Photoshop. I used to have Photoshop on my old computer, but that machine bit the dust. Until I started going to school, I was relying solely on Gimp.

    For those who don’t know, Gimp is a cheap knock-off of Photoshop. You can get results, but it’s much more difficult than Photoshop. I’m pretty sure it’s free, so if people want to try and up their game from using Paintshop, you can look into it. The original EA album cover was created long ago when I still had my old copy of PS, as were the first Coxswain and Neutron Emission covers. But everything up until the Xenophilia LIVE cover was created using Gimp. I was fortunate enough to get PS again when I started school and that’s what I’ve used ever since.

    I’d actually like to see people explore the idea of hand drawn cover art. You don’t often see it, but if done well, it can look great.

  11. ChildofAlma Says:

    I’m forced to cope with photobooth, iphoto, and an unregistered copy of binerus imagecommander. Some of my earliest covers were taken with photobooth, and fed through iphoto. All iphoto does is adjust levels, remove blemishes, and crop stuff, and all binerus does is write text and overlap images.

    I’ll give some of the recommendations a try.

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