After the After Party

March 22nd, 2010

The 2010 Figgies did not disappoint.  We saw bands like Suicide By Papercut, Hot Flying Fragments and Fistful of Firearms each take home a Figgie, but the big winner of the evening was clearly Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls.  Zander wasn’t at the awards because he’s hard at work on his new opus, the rock opera Prime!, but he did take the time to record this acceptance/thank you speech from his Uncle Duff HQ.

Following the Figgies though, things really heated up as the after parties got underway.  The Forgotten Falling held a party at an abandoned warehouse made up to look like a steam-punk amusement park.  The band played a short set debuting songs from their new album “Albion” and then turned the stage over to a pick-up band featuring members of Stonekrank, The Nymphomaniacs and The Waiters.  Members of Fistful of Firearms joined them for the encore and they drunkenly belted out the band’s Figgie Award winning hit “Double Bacon Hate Burger”.

Across town, Fait Accompli held their own soiree and despite going home empty handed were upbeat and happy to have been nominated for so many awards.  They played tracks from their new album “Infinitum” and brought members of fellow Figgie nominees Taxine Fontaine and the Park Avenue Sluts up for an encore of that band’s “Convertible Kisses (Take the Top Down)”.

A lot of band’s couldn’t attend the awards because of tour commitments, but called this reporters cell phone to comment on their wins or lack thereof.  Barry Reese of Hot Flying Fragments called in to say, “It’s a great honor for the Fragments to receive this award.  After all those days of practicing into the wee hours of the night, this makes it all worthwhile.”   The rest of the band echoed his thoughts, but said the win is bittersweet.  Turns out founding member Jenny Moss has been lured away by her husband Richard ‘Yoko’ Moss to the sleazy underground of the Archaeological music scene, and although the rest of the Fragments wish her only the best, they are understandably angry that she’s no longer around.  Reese, the band’s electric cellist and chief spokesperson, summed it all by saying, “Oh…uh…thanks again for the award.  We’re honored.  And, as always…watch for Hot Flying Fragments!”

Riki Milligan of Eccentric Arcade checked in from Baltimore, MD where the band was playing as part of the Nothing to Prove Tour.  Said Riki, “Huge congrats to all the winners!  I have had the pleasure of collaborating with several of my fellow nominees, which has been awesome.  And now I will have the pleasure of working with Zander in Prime!  And who knows?  Maybe we’ll collaborate on other ventures down the line.  It was an incredible honor just to be nominated.  As cliche as that may sound.  Time to raise the bar and make BIG things happen for next year!”

We ended the night at the official Figment party where bands as diverse as Ernie, Mother Rage, The Damaged, Andre Darko and The Screamin’ Ohs played sets.  A clearly inebriated Phil Graspman of the band The Cosmic Stoners ended the evening by screaming “Until Next Year!” into the mic before launching into an acappella version of his band’s classic song “There’s a Party in My Pants (But I Didn’t Get An Invitation)” Security promptly removed him from the premises.

3 Responses to “After the After Party”

  1. ChildofAlma Says:

    That… Party was… sick.

    Nice speech Zander. Can’t wait to play in Prime!

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    Holy freaking crap, Zandergriff Miggs is so freaky in real life, that was a trip!!

  3. frizbee Says:

    Best. Acceptance. Speech. EVER! So awesome to see Zander in the flesh!

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