Hey it’s that time again, time to clear out ye olde bookmark list and share some cool odds and sods with you!  So here we go –

  • How important is a band name?  The NY Times ran an article on this subject, and how even classical groups are getting creative with their names.
  • Don’t believe that you can get people to believe in a fake bands, albums or concerts?  Guess again! Even the art community is getting involved – whether it’s creating fake bands or record stores!  So imagine it and they will come!
  • Sleeveface rocks…it simply rocks.  I dare you not to agree.
  • Change the Thought is a great design blog, but I particularly liked this article on gig posters.
  • 7 Deadly Sinners are 7 artists who among other things seem to like to create gig posters for fake bands!
  • frizbee pointed this Wired article out to me.  A must read for Lost fans.  BTW frizbee I’m still working on getting a hold of them…I’ll keep you posted.

That’s it for now.  Until next time…

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