When we created Figment, we wanted to create a site where people could use their imaginations to create their dream band.  Whether it was to create a band inspired by their favorite “real” band or one that was completely unique was irrelevant, only that they used their imagination to the fullest.  It was the former that brought Figment player poppinfresh to our attention and led to our decision to make him the latest Figment Player Heavyweight!

Poppinfresh not only created a band inspired by his clear love for the “real” band The Beatles, but put a spin on it that was not only fun, but incredibly detailed.  The Bleatles, for all of their obvious comparisons to their inspiration, became their own band simply because of the incredible amount of detail poppinfresh employed in creating their back stories, albums, etc.

You don’t have to go any farther than the names of each member of the Fab Flock to see what we are talking about.  John Lanolin, Poll McCardigan, George Aries-Son and Ramgoat Starr not only continue the sheep theme, but are clever without being cloying.

But it doesn’t stop there, the band’s incredibly detailed album covers, including the 2009 Best Album Cover Figgie Award winner “Abbey Fold” (created in collaboration with Figment player scarletto), not only pay homage to the band’s heroes, but also adds to their authenticity.

Much like the band’s inspiration, The Bleatles like to play with their fans.  Whether it’s poppinfresh’s intention or not, placing obvious plays on such Beatles classics as “I Want Ewe (Sheep’s So Heavy)” on “Let it Baaa” instead of “Abbey Fold” or releasing “Let It Baaa” first, not only throws you for a loop, but also makes you wonder what he’s up to – is he merely grabbing the Beatles songs that are easiest to convert into sheep imagery, creating his own image of the band or is he trying to avoid slavishly following the Beatles discography to the nth degree?  Regardless, it works because you end up studying each release for clues to his intentions in much the same way Beatles aficionados do with all of their records.  In fact, it makes me wonder…is Poll dead?

For those of you who think poppinfresh is a one-trick pony though, think again.  His soundtrack for the film “Inseperable:  The Story of Chang and Eng Bunker” by Pickopp Andropov is a stunner!

So whether you are a dyed in the wool (sorry couldn’t resist) fan or a new devotee, I hope you’ll join us in congratulating poppinfresh on his appointment as our newest player Industry Heavyweight.

We’d also like to thank letswasteanafternoon for being our last Figment Player Heavyweight.  There aren’t enough superlatives available to describe his work.  So a simple thanks will have to suffice.

If you’re interested in finding out more about The Bleatles we recommend you read our interview with the band.

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