Metal Treats: The Morning After

November 1st, 2010

Well, it’s the day after Hallow’s Eve and I for one stand amid the wreckage of another night of ghoulish fun.  Candy wrappers, toilet paper blowing in the trees, forlorn jack-o-lanterns awaiting their inevitable trip to the trash can, and of course a stomach ache from indulging in too many bite size Snickers.

But there is a bright side to my post-Halloween malaise and that’s the Halloween figments that were dropped in our site’s candy basket last night – starting with the incredibly cool Figment Pumpkin that frizbee carved!  Thanks friz – WE LOVE IT!

And then there’s the new albums that dropped last night, clearly inspired by the evening’s festivities, and full of all kinds of devilish fun!

Werewolf Concerto not only headlined the first annual Halloween-Fest, but also dropped their latest “Vampirella” and it’s chock full of all that ghoulish goodness we expect from this band.

Nordic extreme metal masters Törnekrona returned with the excellent “Cinder”.

The Forgotten Falling also played Halloween-Fest 2010, and their label gave their fans a treat by releasing the rare “EP” that until now had only been available in Japan.  Don’t forget to catch the band on their “Aphelion World Tour”.

Extreme metal newcomers The Angel’s Sin continue their inevitable climb to the upper reaches of the metal stratosphere with their best yet, “Lucifer’s Rebellion”.

And last but certainly not least, what would Halloween be without some good old fashioned Death Metal!  Well fear not, Cryptic Rage emerged from “Out of the Depths” with their latest!

So if you didn’t receive any of these new releases in your treat bag last night, don’t fret they’re all on Figment for the taking!  We hope you all had a Happy Halloween!  Horns up!

4 Responses to “Metal Treats: The Morning After”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Diggin’ the jack-o-lantern! Frizbee, you are one crazy cat!

    (and now, my old hippie habits intervene…Please no pumkins in the trash can. They are fully compostable. Better for our globe and better for your garden! OK, the hippie’s off his soapbox, carry on.)

    Nice collection of All Hallows Eve releases! I gotta get over this post sugar rush crash…thinking a nice glass of Cotes Du Rhone should do the trick.

  2. Childofalma Says:

    Indeed. Compost your pumpkins!

    There were a lot of great releases around Halloween, looking at it. Wow.

  3. eric Says:

    I will be sure to compost and recommend others do as well, having said that…literary license people, literary license.

  4. theHoseman Says:

    Eric…license granted. Lord knows I myself take advantage of literary license more than I probably should! Just had to toss out my little ecological vibe. Sometimes the hippie tree hugger in me won’t keep his trap shut.

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