Jaymundo hasn’t been playing Figment for that long, but he plays it like a pro!  His bands seem so real it’s hard to believe they’re fake, and the albums they release are always well though out, well designed and well written.  So who is Jaymundo and how does he do it?  We thought we’d find out in the fourth installment of our series “Figment Player Profiles”.

Figment News:  Tell us a little about yourself.

Jaymundo:  I’m Jay, I’m obsessed with music.  I honestly believe that the world couldn’t function without it. I have a range of hobbies that all differ from each other.  I’m a keen script writer, music producer/remixer, snowboarder, model builder and entrepreneur.

FN:  You mentioned on your profile page that you’re a bit of a music junkie and judging from the genre’s you listed you have quite a diverse musical palette.  When did you first start listening to music?

Jay:  I’d say I first started taking notice of music when I was around 6 or 7, I grew up with a lot of country & western in my household and that’s what I remember hearing and enjoying first. It just went on naturally from there, I started making mix tapes in school and then CD’s to Playlists as technology progresses. I don’t think people should be limited to one genre, all music is art.

FN:  Do you play an instrument?

Jay:  I played a lot of guitar in school and dabble now and again. I’m trying to get into Synth but it’s harder than it seems.

FN:  Why do you create fake bands on Figment?

Jay:  I have worked with a lot of bands on my local scene in promoting, marketing, booking etc so Figment just spoke to me as a good pastime.

FN:  Had you ever created a fake band before playing Figment and if so, what led you to do so?

Jay:  I can’t say I did. Figment was the first site that I saw that was doing this kind of thing before then I hadn’t really considered it.

FN:  What’s your band creation process like?  Are your bands influenced by real bands or do you simply decide on a genre and go from there?

Jay:  Most of my ideas come to me at work while I should be focusing on something else. Most are inspired by real bands and if you look hard enough at most of my bands you can see who is inspired by who.

FN:  What inspires your band’s albums – current events, historical events, personal experiences, etc?

Jay:  I look at what real bands are doing and have done and I try to create something that would fit in the real world at this time.

FN:  When you create a band do you already have their debut album in mind or does it take you a while to decide what direction to take them in?

Jay:  Most of the time I have it in mind. Sometimes however, I create the band simply because I have the idea in my head and want it out.  Then it takes time to come up with the debut.

FN:  Your album covers are well thought out and executed.  Do you have any graphic design experience or training?

Jay:  I did graphic design at school and have always been a strong drawer so you could say I have some experience. I mainly edit and combine images to come up with my covers. Sometime I use copyright free images and edit those or get permission from artists on social sites.

FN:  What tools do you use to create your album cover and band images?

Jay:  As I said I use what Images I can within the rules. Other than that I use Photoshop, MS Paint and Corel Draw.

FN:  Your label East Bank Records has already developed several bands including Dallas Massacre, Burn By Numbers, Beast Hunter, The Detroit Mongrels and Dr. Poncho.  What do you think is the role of a good fake label?

Jay:  I think a good label is one that doesn’t restrict itself to one style of music. I think a good label is a diverse one.

FN:  Any plans to sign bands to EBR that were created by other players?

Jay:  For now I have no plans to sign an outside band. Who knows, maybe in the future the right band will come along and I will go for it.

FN:  What are some of the real bands that you would say have influenced your fake bands?

Jay:  Manowar, Tool, The Devil Wears Prada, Volbeat, The Sword, Bury Tomorrow to name a few.

FN:  How about fake bands or should I say are there any bands on Figment that influenced your fake bands?

Jay:  In the nicest way possible… no. It’s not anything personal I just prefer to stick to my own ideas from real bands and not tread on any other players toes so to speak.

FN;  What do you look for in a fake band?

Jay:  A good creative name, good album art and a good bio.

FN:  If you could make one of your fake bands real and then join the band, what band would it be and what instrument would you play in the band?

Jay:  I’d have to say Dallas Massacre on guitar so they could finally have two axe men.

FN:  What is the band and/or album you’ve formed/released that you are the most proud of?

Jay:  I’d have to say Ruffian by Detroit Mongrels. It was the first album I really created that was long and had a mixture of tracks.

FN:  What would you like to see added to Figment in the way of features, improvements, etc?

Jay:  I’d like to see a forum and the ability to leave messages on players profiles instead of just band pages.

FN:  If someone asked you why you play Figment what would you tell them?

Jay:  Because It combines creativity with music.

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  1. theHoseman Says:

    Once again…Love these player profiles. Great stuff Jaymundo! Keep ’em coming!

  2. DarkImmortal Says:

    I think a forum would be awesome just for general chat amongst players.

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