Lately we’ve been hearing back from our players a lot more with feedback on what they’d like to see available in the way of features on Figment, so thanks!  We always appreciate hearing what you’d like to see changed, improved or done away with on the site.

One of the things that some of you have been asking for more of late is a player forum where you can communicate with other players better.  While we understand your requests for easier ways to communicate and collaborate with each other, we’ve been reticent to add a forum.  Why?  Simple, because in our past experience forums end up becoming everything but what they were intended to become, and often add nothing to the game experience.  They require monitoring, are often used to wage wars of words, and can be downright noisy and unproductive.  We’re not against our players communicating with each other, collaborating on projects or even just discussing music, design, etc., in fact we encourage it.  Having said that, we understand that shout boxes aren’t the ideal way for two players to discuss a collaborative project at length.

Others have suggested we create an internal site mail system, but again that involves infrastructure changes and additional expense that we don’t feel is warranted at this time.  We’re not saying we wouldn’t consider doing that in a premium version of the game, but at this time it’s something that’s not on our immediate list of enhancements.

So how can you communicate better?  Well, how about using the forum we already have – our Figment Facebook page.  I know a number of you have already “liked” the page and as a result are connected.  You can start a discussion among the players on that page, post a cover for feedback or comment on something someone else has posted.  Want to strike up a conversation or collaborate on a project in private?  Send them a message through Facebook.  It’s all available and already built, so it solves our communication issues while keeping the site purely about the game itself.

We’ll be interested to hear your feedback on this suggestion and the subject as a whole.  Again, we appreciate your suggestions, and we hope you’ll keep them coming.  There is nothing better than having an open line of communication with our players.

6 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To A Forum”

  1. frizbee Says:

    I’m glad to see that you guys realized the major issues that would spawn from creating a forum on the site. While I do agree that having an easier way to communicate with other users is a good idea, I know from much past experience that message boards just end up becoming a flame war zone. The bickering between certain users (you know who you are) would only escalate; and as you said, it would be difficult to constantly moderate. I think utilizing the Facebook page is a great idea!

  2. Javdoc Says:

    Yeah, agree wholeheartedly with the decision and with Frizbee’s comment. When I noticed the calls for a forum, all I could think of was magnifying the nonsense that already goes on by some insane order of magnitude….

  3. theHoseman Says:

    I concur as well. Though I do like the idea of having an easy way to communicate with some of you guys. I’ll have to start going to the Figment Facebook site more often.

  4. bmick14 Says:

    i cant find figment on facebook can someone post a link please

  5. frizbee Says:

    There ya go!

  6. bmick14 Says:


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