GoMediaZine – Design Process

November 23rd, 2010

Since we had such positive reaction to our new “Cover Stories” feature here on Figment News I thought I’d pass along something that frizbee brought to my attention, this article from GoMediaZine.com on the making of an album cover using Photoshop.  It’s a fascinating article and it encouraged me to dig deeper into GoMediaZine, a site that offers tutorials on everything from vinyl album cover art to advice on how to start up your own t-shirt business.  As it’s tagline states “Real world advice from working artists and designers.”

I love sites like this, run by people who share a common love of art, design, and music, and are happy to share their collective knowledge with others interested in pursuing a career in any or all of them.  So take a minute and check them out.  I think you’ll find their a treasure trove of info for aspiring fake album cover designers, and real ones too!

…and pass along some thanks to frizbee for sharing this great blog with us!

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  1. Javdoc Says:

    Great stuff. Will definitely poke around on that site some more.

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