A New Pony In The Stable!

December 13th, 2010

It’s the holidays, and despite my age I still enjoy a good toy!  So what better present to unwrap then the latest addition to the Figment Racing Team – a Porsche 997 GT2.  Wow, she sure is a beauty!

So thanks to javdoc, the car’s driver and designer, for such a great present, and keep an eye out him on XBox’s Forza Motorsport – he’ll be that black blur that blows past you on a straight away!

5 Responses to “A New Pony In The Stable!”

  1. Javdoc Says:

    Ho ho ho! 😉

  2. Javdoc Says:

    Seriously though, thanks as always to the Figment team for providing us with this great creative outlet – that can even be tied in with other hobbies at times. And of course, the kick-ass logo. I always wonder what other players/drivers think when they see the devil horns breezing past… 🙂

  3. theHoseman Says:

    Dig it! -also couldn’t help but notice the license plate…nice touch!
    And I second Javdoc’s thanks to the Figment team.

  4. Javdoc Says:

    @ Hoseman: Thanks, nice catch. 😉 That’s actua

  5. Javdoc Says:


    Was saying, my Xbox Live ID is actually Tachyon Racing, which was definitely inspired by my research for the Tachyon album. Any other Figmentians who play Forza, or on Xbox in general, feel free to drop a friend request.

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