While scouring the web for all things fake band related, I often stumble across great design sites, interesting music articles and even some great internet ephemera.  So what do I do with it all?  I bookmark it and eventually when things are a little slow I share them with you.  So without further adieu here is the latest installment of “Cleaning Out The Bookmarks”:

If you don’t listen to All Songs Considered on NPR you should, but regardless you should check out their Top 10 Album Covers of 2010.

Ever heard of The Masked Marauders?  Nor had I until I read this interesting article on Aquarium Drunkard!

I just finished reading Keith Richard’s memoir “Life”, and it was a great read that I highly recommend.  Needless to say it put me in a all things Keith mood and led me to this classic Hunter Thompson interview with Keith Richards.

Now if you read “Life” you’ll know that Richards blasts Mick Jagger throughout the book for a variety of things, but mostly for having what he refers to as LVS (Lead Vocalist Syndrome).  Jagger supposedly fired back in this letter which is a fascinating read in it’s own right.

frizbee sent us this great blog post on 50 Years of Typography in Album Covers.   And speaking of great typography check this out!

frizbee also sent me this incredible portfolio site for Icelandic designer JÓNAS VALTÝSSON.

And speaking of album covers he also sent me this!

If you haven’t already seen this incredible marketing piece for the latest Arcade Fire album then you’re in for a treat – watch it!

Larry turned me on to this guy Craig Robinson’s incredible site FlipFlopFlyBall.  If you like baseball, and infographics, you’ll love this site, but I particularly loved this infographic of REALLY fantasy baseball.

These progressive metal drawings by Justin Bartlett are pretty cool too.

For you metal heads I thought you’d like to check out this new distortion pedal from Tone Box.

And this is why the ZT Lunchbox amplifier makes so much sense!

If you like movie posters this is a pretty cool post on vintage takes on modern movies.

And speaking of posters…Larry sent this post from the staff at Consequence of Sound.

This guy might be homeless, but that never stopped him from living out his metal dreams!

And this blogger not only creates fake metal bands he’s been breathing life into them by releasing a steady stream of albums from them.

Whiskey has inspired me to do a lot of things…nothing this creative however!

Like your comic book heros?  Like 80’s album covers?  Why not combine the two!

You gotta love this Sleeveface post!

But my favorite has to be this Noise Addicts post on some photos from the Life Magazine Archives.  Ever wonder what the house Frank Zappa grew up in looks like?  Wonder no more!

If you’ve run across something you’d like to share send it to us using the feedback link at the bottom of every page on Figment.

Until next time…

3 Responses to “Cleaning Out the Bookmarks – Volume 6”

  1. theHoseman Says:

    Looks like a cool list…I’ll have to carve out some time to check the links.

  2. frizbee Says:

    The ’80s album covers re-done with superheroes was pretty awesome. I only wish there were more of them. I tried to look for more on the artist’s website, but I didn’t find anything.

    I’m not feeling any of NPR’s “best album covers” of 2010. I’m all for minimalism and all that, but those just don’t even seem like they were trying. The only one that I found slightly appealing was for Land Of Talk’s “Cloak and Cipher”, and that’s only because it’s very reminiscent of Solomon X. Lambert’s “Whisperer in Darkness”.

  3. Inflatable Twerp Says:

    Hey man, can I just say that the Hunter S. Thompson interview with Keith Richards made my day.

    Way to go man.

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