2011 Summer Tour Primer!

May 17th, 2011

Summer is right around the corner and the summer tour schedule is already filling up fast!  Whether you’re a fan of metal, horror punk, psychedelic jam bands or just plain good old fashioned rock n’ roll, the summer of 2011 is packed with a wide variety of live music options.  Here are a few of the choice tours and music festivals to consider:

Rituals Across Europe Tour:  Poison Throne and Slutwitch will kick off the summer tour season with a co-headlining tour that will also feature Medieval Casket in the warm-up slot.  Look for these Grindcore/Black Metal newbies to tear it up on stages across Europe in May and June.

Something Wicked Festival 2011:  Everyone from Werewolf Concerto, who will headline the main stage, to Lucifer and The Long Pigs, Sleeping Through The Apocalypse, Suicide By Papercut, Hey, Irene and Mortimer C. Klaxton and his Big Damn Steam Band will be in Leeds, UK on June 1st to kick off a summer of Something Wicked Festivals.

Antigoon Open Air II:   On June 3rd Antwerpen, Belgium will once again be the site of the second Antigoon Open Air Festival bringing metal bands as diverse as The Forgotten Falling and Vengeance Burns Eternal to the Main Stage and up and comers like Archers Storm, Destroyah, Steel Beneath Flesh and Buried in Black to the Second and Underground stages.

A Plague Upon Your House World Tour 2011:  German goth metal titans ZV and chart-topping Plague Rockers Janissary hit the road together on the North American leg of their World Tour.

Something Wicked U.S.A. Festival 2011:  The U.S. version of Something Wicked hits American shores on June 18th in Austin, TX and with Stonekrank headlining the main stage along and Cherry Vendetta headlining the 2nd stage it looks to be a great one.  Other featured bands include DeathBreth, Dollhouse in Black, The Night Walkers, Forever Haunted and Nuclear Insanity.

March of the Damned Tour 2011:  Do you like Zombies?  Love horror flicks?  Then this tour is for you as Horror Punks Murder13 bring Teenage Zombies From Mars and Zombies in Brown Sauce out on tour with them this summer.

Second City Jazz & Blues Festival:  Myrinx Records is behind this brand new Jazz & Blues Festival taking part in the City of the Big Shoulders.  Kaliclysm, Malaika, Massey Ferguson’s Stampeding Heard, Joseph Hayworth, The Irish Balloons, Mortimer C. Klaxton & His Big Damn Steam Band, and Grover “Neckbone” Clifton are all on the bill.

Something Wicked Festival Germany:   Can’t get enough of a good thing?  Then visit the Fatherland to take in the German Something Wicked featuring main stage headliners The Forgotten Falling as well as Let’s Not and Say We Did, Gravestompers, Kingslayer, The Angel’s Sin, Medieval Casket, Firecharged!, GothicEvil, Tyrannical Empire, Hope & Honour, and Devil’s Playground among others.

Rumor has it that UncleDuffRecords is also putting together a summer mini-tour.  Although unconfirmed at press time, word on the street is that it will be some sort of traveling festival.

If you’ve got a tour you’d like to announce please let us know about it.  Now go get some tickets!


These tours were just announced!

Up The Creek:  UncleDuffRecords is indeed putting together a traveling festival, and what a great one it will be.  Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls, The Cosmic Stoners, Vorpal Queen, Let’s Not and Say We Did,and Eccentric Arcade will all be travelling “Up The Creek” (the creek being The Mississippi) on a day-glo painted psychedelic paddleboat from New Orleans to St. Paul, stopping at cities along the river to allow each band an opportunity to headline a show from a barge being pulled by the paddleboat.  Got all that?  Good.  Ken Kesey would be proud!

Sparks of Summer Tour 2011:  Stonekrank will once again hit the road for their annual “Sparks of Summer Tour” on June 13th.  They’ll take side project Midnight Cheerleader Rebels out on the road with them, and are currently in talks with several other bands to join the bill.  So find your earplugs this one’s gonna Krank!

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  1. TMTYTF Says:

    It hasn’t been formed quite yet, but The Sparks of Summer Tour 2011 will also bee hitting the road in June and will feature Stonekrank as headliners, Midnight Cheerleader Rebels to open, and possibly Werewolf Concerto, Whispers To The Fallen, and Old Republic.

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    So far, The Forgotten Falling is coming along for the ride, and Werewolf Concerto has signed up for part of the ride. We just need one more band that might fit well with the four confirmed bands. Anybody interested??

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