The bookmarks have been piling up, so it’s time to clean em’ out!  Here we go!

Band names have their genesis in many forms, but this band’s name is literally a joke!

frizbee liked this so much he sent it to us not once, but twice!  Way to be thorough friz!

Frizbee also sent us this link to great album covers on Abduzeedo.

Toadmaster sent us this great NPR post on “The Best Album Covers of 2010”.

When Dave Van Vliet, better known as Captain Beefheart, died late last year we lost a true musical explorer and eccentric sage.  Thankfully he left his fellow musicians with some great advice, so heed the Captain!

The harcore punk band Fucked Up recently released their long awaited “punk opera” album “David Comes To Life”, but prior to the album’s release on June 7th they also released a compilation album of songs from all of the fake bands from the fake town in which the fake story is set.  Got all that?  Good now go check out the cool site they created for the album.

Musicians are always finding new ways to make music, behold the music of EXE files!

How iconic is a musician’s hair?  Comb over this infographic to find out!

The ultimate mood music station!

Jamie McKelvie, the comic book artist who we first introduced you to in our interview with Kieron Gillen, recently designed the artwork for the new Art Brut album.  Check it out!

Every year we lose more record stores, a sad fact that is the subject of this Buzzfeed pictorial post.

At Figment we’re devoted fans of rock posters, so we were excited to hear about the release of “American Artifact.” If you love documentaries on rock posters you should also check out our interview with Eileen Yaghoobian about her film “Died Young Stayed Pretty”.

Interested in the sometimes murky world of “fair use”?  Then you should be reading, a blog by tech entrepreneur Andy Baio.

Want to actually play air guitar?  You may soon be able to since this project just got funded on Kickstarter!

Now this is some great fake album artwork!

Do you like some album cover artwork so much you could eat it up?  Well now you can!

That’s it for now.  Until next time…

3 Responses to “Cleaning Out The Bookmarks – Volume 7”

  1. frizbee Says:

    Awesome new set of bookmarks! I particularly liked the concept of Fucked Up’s “David Comes To Life” album, especially the compilation album of fake songs by fake bands in the album’s fake universe.

  2. theHoseman Says:

    Agreed. Where do you find these things? Apparently, I’m not surfing enough!

  3. frizbee Says:

    I can partially answer that question, Hoseman. The stuff that I find and send Eric’s way are things that I generally find by chance when I’m surfing design websites. As an aspiring Graphic Designer I spend a lot of time browsing various inspiration and tutorial websites like and, and occasionally they will post music industry related content, whether it be cover art or tour posters or band t-shirt designs. Recently I’ve started using, or should I say “become obsessed”, with StumbleUpon, and I’ve found some interesting things that way, as well.

    As for where Eric digs up the rest of this stuff…I’m as curious as you are!

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