It’s time to surf through the flotsam and jetsam of the interwebs, so don’t miss this wave…

I love the Muppets and in particular Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem!  Illustrator Michael De Pippo clearly does too!

And if you liked that, then you’ll love these fake band t-shirts designed for history’s greatest minds.  Long live the Monsters of Grok!

Frizbee is a big fan of Harry Potter, so he sent me this link to some classic rock album covers reimagined with various characters from the Potter films.

He also sent me this great link to some really clever pictogram music posters.  So thanks Friz!

Unable to explain your band’s design aesthetic?  Thanks to Flavorpill we now have “A Field Guide to Musical Typography”.

This article gives “Shake Your Moneymaker” a whole new meaning!

And lest you think Canada has never produced a good fake band for TV or movies – think again!  My personal fave?  Rod Torfulson’s Armada Featuring Herman Menderchuk!

Do you love Graphic Design and Creative of all kinds?  Then make sure you check out Creattica.

I enjoyed this article on how cassettes mobilized music and thought you might too.

And speaking of old school, CBS Sunday Morning did this great piece on that once ubiquitous cassette player/radio the “Boombox” and photographer Lyle Orweto’s new book “The Boombox Project”.

LargeheartedBoy alerted me to this great article from West Coast Sound on The Five Worst Ironic Indie Rock Band Names, Besides Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

I still find it hard to believe that I saw this band 21 years ago at the Off Ramp in Seattle when they were still known as Mookie Blaylock.

And last but certainly not least, leave it to The Flaming Lips to come up with a most novel way to package their latest recording!



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  1. frizbee Says:

    This may be one of the best COTB posts ever. The Dr. Teeth posters were phenomenal! I want to hang them in my studio. The Monsters of Grok shirts are hilarious! And who doesn’t love “Trampoline Girl” by Rod Torfulson’s Armada feat. Herman Menderchuk?

  2. theHoseman Says:

    Some cool stuff here.

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