It’s hard to believe that formerwageslave has only been playing Figment for a little over a year.  His almost total domination of the Figment Hot Albums chart (seven #1 albums) has quickly made him one of the most successful Figment players in the history of the site, and he’s certainly one of the fastest players to notch over 100 album sales for a band (Lucifer and the Long Pigs.)  While his success on the charts hasn’t scored him a major contest win just yet, he did win the 2011 Album Cover of the Year Figgie, tied for third in this year’s Album Cover Design Contest, and was a finalist in the 2010 Metal Concept Album Contest.  He also accepted and met the first Figment Challenge!

But accolades aside, formerwageslave is our latest player to be made an Industry Heavyweight for any number of reasons.

First of all, his design work speaks for itself.  Whether it’s industrial techno or Viking Metal you can immediately identify the vibe of one his band’s the minute you lay eyes on them.  Or should I say when they lay their eyes on you!

His writing skills are evident in the song titles, band/album descriptions and news that he creates for each of his bands, and are every bit as important as his design skills.  With song titles like “Slow Dance With A Steak Knife” and “Ethergoddess Kiss” is it any wonder that Vorpal Queen has dominated the charts?  And when his Viking Metal band Vengeance Burns Eternal felt snubbed after receiving only one Figgie nomination his band responded by saying, “We have been notified that our noble band has been shunned from this so-called awards ceremony, save for a nomination for Dagur’s silly slogan. We will not forget this day! We would gladly roast the judges on spits over open flames, then feast on their charred flesh. We would decorate our studio with their bones, and smear their brains upon our bodies like greasepaint. Should our next album be full of harmless pap involving angry fruit and lengthy hogs? Swina bqllr!”  Priceless.

Another great thing about formerwageslave is his truly collaborative nature.  Whether it’s his innovative collaboration with FuriousGrace on the “Within…” and “Without Screwtape’s Grasp…” double disc release, his work on the ZV & Janissary World Tour Poster or his involvement in the Deathklaat supergroup project, formerwageslave is not above working with any Figment player.

So congratulations formerwageslave!  We’ll be depositing 15,000 pieces of lucre in your account as our way of saying thanks for all of your hard work.  We hope you’ll embrace your new position the same way you’ve embraced Figment and will pass your knowledge as well as some extra lucre to the rest of our Figment community.

We’d also to thank ChildofAlma for doing such a great job as an Industry Heavyweight over the past few months.

5 Responses to “formerwageslave, Current Heavyweight!”

  1. formerwageslave Says:

    Wow! I don’t know what to say expect thank you all for believing in my humble contributions over the past year… it’s been a blast bringing these groups and albums to life, and I look forward to future projects and collaborations. I’m definitely aware of and inspired by the exceptional people that have filled the Industry Heavyweight shoes before me and I am honored to join their ranks. Rock on, everyone!!

  2. theHoseman Says:

    Another well deserved notch in an increasingly nicked up bed post! Formerwageslave, your work is phenomenal!

  3. ChildofAlma Says:

    Damn fine selection! I gladly and willingly step down to the supremacy of formerwageslave! \m/

  4. Furious Grace Says:

    Congratulations formerwageslave! Well-deserved!

    Sad to see you go though ChildofAlma 🙁

  5. ChildofAlma Says:

    Awww thanks FuriousGrace haha 🙂

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