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November 11th, 2011

Game communities are just that, communities.  They’re made up of all kinds of players who possess diverse personalities, different skill sets, and varying degrees of competitive spirit, but regardless of their differences they all play a part in creating the community. TMTYTF has been a member of our Figment community since August, 2008.  He’s created a variety of different bands in the past 3 years, and has even guided one to #4 on the Top 10 Bands List.  He’s had his ups and downs as a player, and his outspoken nature has ruffled some feathers at times, but he’s never given up, and he’s never stopped trying to up his game.  In short, he’s an active member of our Figment community, and we thought it was high time (no pun intended) that we got to know him.

Figment News:  So who is TMTYTF?

TMTYTF:  My name is David. I’m 21 years old and I was born in 1990. I am from beautiful Orange County, California. I go to a lot of rock shows and I can’t get enough of them. Oh and I’m also a 4th year college student/retail sales associate.

FN:  You’ve been a Figment player for over 3 years. What is it about Figment that has kept you playing for so long?

TMTYTF:  I’m really not sure I just get a kick out of it. I love music and although Figment has no music, if something seems real enough you can feel it in your heart. Several of my bands and others from the site seem so real that I have a crystal clear imagination of what their music would really sound like. I also like how Figment is an ongoing process. Anyone may enter and leave the site as he/she pleases and it’s always still there once you get back.

FN:  Do you play an instrument? If so, what and how has it influenced your bands on Figment?

TMTYTF:  Yes and no. I got my first guitar when I was 12. I took a few lessons, then quit for awhile. In my senior year of high school, I took a guitar class. The class involved only acoustic guitars even though I was used to electric. Ever since then, my guitar playing has been on and off. It’s sad too, because I have a rad B.C. Rich Metal Master Warlock, which I got when I was 17, that hardly ever gets played anymore (it’s the one in the Stonekrank picture). Other than that I love to sing. I’m no professional, but I can hold a tune and enjoy singing karaoke and Rock Band vocals. I wouldn’t say my music has influenced my figment bands, but my figment bands have influenced some lyrics I’ve written. None of them turned out well at all, but I’ve tried writing songs based off Stonekrank’s “Loser” and “Modern Tragedy” from their Smokin’ album and Stonefly 45’s “No More Sunshine”.

FN:  You clearly love metal. Is it your favorite type of music or do you like other types of music?

TMTYTF:  Well, I do like metal but it wouldn’t be my first choice. I’d say my favorite genre is more along the lines of mainstream and alternative hard rock. If I like any metal, it’d be 80s hair metal or classic metal. I’m also really into grunge and pretty much any type of rock n’ roll from the 1990’s, my first decade of life. Anything 90s, from Nirvana to Blink 182 to The Presidents of the United States of America to Limp Bizkit, I am into. The older I get, the more music I discover and the more I’ve broadened my horizons. I also like most of the music from 2000-today and even classic rock from the 1970s. Perhaps even a little reggae and, believe it or not, I’m starting to catch onto some rap even though I used to hate it. I always thought rap sounded way better when fused with hard rock/metal, which is probably why I like Rage Against The Machine so much (they’re my favorite band).

FN:  What are some of the real bands that influence your fake bands?

TMTYTF:  Well, bands like Seether, Saliva, Papa Roach, Theory of a Deadman and breaking benjamin were big influences for Stonekrank. Gravestompers were designed with a Static-X/Five Finger Death Punch/Nonpoint sound in mind, although they are a metal group with clean vocals more along the lines of Godsmack and Disturbed. I kinda had chill rock bands in mind for Fragment Shelter. Smash Mouth and Sugar Ray came to mind and they’ve sorta kept their sound throughout, give or take. Smart Alec was my first jokester band highly influenced by the likes of “Weird Al” Yankovic, Stephen Lynch, and Jon Lajoie. They realize people hate Smart Alec lately for being overly crude and obnoxious. They have always had quite an attitude. Firecharged! drew their sound from classic kick-ass bands like AC/DC and Motley Crüe (let’s not forget Van Halen). Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Buckcherry, and The Donnas were crucial to The Nymphomaniacs’ career early on. Hell, Their debut album Bitches and Money was derived from a lyric in Buckcherry’s 2001 song “Time Bomb”. Drifter was created with an acoustic metal sound in mind, not quite like Tenacious D, but just powerful music without electric guitars. Their influences include Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman, Eddie Vedder, Johnny Cash, even Social Distortion and Nirvana. I’d go through them all but I have too many damn bands. Alright, one more. The Phony Fakers have been influenced by modern post-grunge acts like Puddle of Mudd and Smile Empty Soul.

FN:  Have you ever created a fake band before playing Figment and if so, what led you to do so?

TMTYTF:  No. I honestly can’t say I have. However, I had thought of the name Stonekrank long before I discovered Figment. I always thought “If I ever joined/formed a band, I have to call us Stonekrank.” I’m not sure why I changed the spelling from “crank” to “krank”. Guess I just thought it sounded cool and I always thought Stonekrank would be a killer name for a band.

FN:  Stonekrank is your most popular band. What was the inspiration for that band?

TMTYTF:  Well, it’s difficult to say. They draw inspiration from so many directions. Staind is one real-life band they admire because they put so much passion and heart into their music. Stonekrank has always been about putting everything they’ve got into each release as well and they aim to display their heart and soul on every album. Other than that, my life has had a significant impact on what I do with Stonekrank. The band is very personal to me, not only because they were my first figment band, but because I think of them as a part of me. Also, they wanted to have a modern hard rock sound, yet stand out from all the other bands out there who were doing the same thing as all the others. The ‘Stone’ part of the name comes from David’s last name.

FN:  Are all of the band members in Stonekrank fictitious or are they based on real people?

TMTYTF:  You got me. As a matter of fact, two guys in Stonekrank are fake and two are based on real people. Mike Schmidt and Paul Donahue? Made up. David Stone is based off of me. Hell, my name is also David Stone (if you haven’t figured it out by now). He’s my rock star alter ego. Stone isn’t my legal last name even though I go by it. Ronnie Jenkins is partially based off of a friend of mine named Ronnie (although his last name isn’t Jenkins). Oh and the band’s original drummer, Steve P. Withers (now with Red Flames Rising), is also made up.

FN:  Stonekrank has sold almost 400 albums on Figment, had four #1 albums on the Hot Albums Chart, one #1 single, and two other albums that charted in the Top 3. How does that feel and what advice would you give other players who want to top the charts?

TMTYTF:  It is an honor that you guys like us so much. It feels great and we love you too. Stonekrank wouldn’t be half the band they are today without the fans. If you want a release to top the charts, put your heart and soul into it. That’s what I did with Stonekrank. I remember way back when, before they released Smokin’, they may have had a total of 12 fans give or take. It really took a lot of hard work and imagination to get them to where they are today and the more they grew and evolved as a band was when the fans really started to appreciate their work. I consider Smokin’ their first breakthrough album that really started to grow their fan base (it was also their first record to chart on the Hot Albums Chart). Another thing I feel has been vital to Stonekrank’s success is their individual songs. I try to come up with catchy titles and I’m really proud of how some of them turned out. My personal favorites: Boom Mothafucka, Tainted (A Headbanger’s Anthem), Krank’d Up, The Image of Your Sorrows, and Eden’s Farewell.

FN:  You’ve had a few feuds with other players on Figment over the years. Are you too outspoken or just misunderstood?

TMTYTF:  Oh I’m very misunderstood, in so many ways. My mouth has the tendency to have a mind of it’s own sometimes and gets me into a lot of trouble. I’ve found it’s easier to keep my mouth shut, but I do like talking so it’s hard sometimes. However, quite a few things I’ve said on Figment in the past have been taken way out of context, making it seem as if I said something I didn’t. I just want to explain to everybody on the site who is reading this that I do not like being involved in feuds and the things I say are said with the best of intentions, so if I’ve offended you in the past, I apologize and I hope we can be cool from this point on. I’d much rather be your friend than your enemy. I am a little outspoken at times, but mostly just misunderstood.

FN:  What is the band and/or album you’ve formed/released that you are the most proud of?

TMTYTF:  Oh I’m sure nobody will be surprised by this one but Stonekrank is the band and Ultimatum is what I consider my finest work. Even though there were so many more bands/albums I’ve formed/released that I’m very proud of. Stonekrank literally doubled their fan base after releasing Ultimatum. I released it on June 30th, 2010 and it remained a hot album well into September. It never reached that #1 spot but it is by far my highest selling and most listened to Figment album to date. I don’t know if I can top it, but I’ll sure as hell try. Even before I released it, I knew I was onto something big. I’m so glad all of you liked it as much as I did and saw the true creativity of Ultimatum. By the way, Stonekrank’s Taking Down An Empire is a close second, though.

FN:  What tools do you use to create your album cover and band images?

TMTYTF:  When I first started playing, I didn’t use any tools, just a direct copy paste. Then I started using photoshop. Eventually, ChildofAlma turned me onto and that has been working well for me ever since. Nothing too fancy, I usually just crop the covers square and adjust the colors and contrasts, etc. of my image, add any special effects, then add text.

FN:  Do you think design skills are necessary to be a top player on Figment? How do you think a player who doesn’t have incredible design skills can compete with players who do?

TMTYTF:  I realize that other players have mad design skills and crazy awesome art programs that the rest of us don’t have access to. I don’t have great design skills but I still managed to compete with the other players who do. So no, design skills are not necessary. A broad imagination is more of a requirement in my opinion. So are marketing skills (i.e. advertising).

FN:  Your label TooMuchTooYoungTooFast Records is not only home to all of the bands you create, but has also signed a number of Figment bands including The Angel’s Sin, Sanguine Symphony, x69 and Six-66 among others. Why did you decide to create a label? Do you think it’s enhanced your game play on Figment?

TMTYTF:  What’s funny is I didn’t create that label until almost 2 years after starting up on Figment. I always thought my bands had an implied label. After a while of playing and seeing other users have success with their record labels, I decided it was time for me to create one. Most, not all, of my bands are signed to TooMuchTooYoungTooFast Records. A few of them either switched over to Firecharged! Records or signed up upon forming (my other label, a bit more low key). Yes, I do feel that creating a label has enhanced my game play and I decided to let other bands from other users get in on my label because we gotta make it fun for them too.

FN:  You’ve clearly made some friends on Figment. Do you ever share what you’ve done on Figment with friends who aren’t on the site?

TMTYTF:  All the time. People get sick of hearing me talk about it. I’ve often said that fantasy football is for sports lovers, Figment is for music lovers. My real life friends don’t understand Figment, except for bobmuffin55, who is a real life friend of mine. He’s the only person I’ve ever recruited to Figment. Other than that, I think everyone else who doesn’t get Figment is missing out.

FN:  If you had to pick one Figment player whose work you admire who would it be?

TMTYTF:  Oh man, hands down ChildofAlma. He and I have a history on the site and I’ve probably been friends with him the longest. I mean, the dude created Sinthetic. And The Forgotten Falling. His work speaks for itself. I admire many other players as well, so I’m bummed I couldn’t give them a shout as well. You guys know who you are though.

FN:  Is there anything you’ve learned from playing Figment that you’ve been able to apply in the real world?

TMTYTF:  Marketing definitely. I think marketing on Figment and in the real world go hand in hand. Also, the graphic design of different album covers helps with creativity. I aspire to be in the music industry as a full time career. I have a deep, burning passion for it and there’s nothing else I’d rather do. All in all though, Figment has taught me a few things.

FN:  If someone asked you why you play Figment what would you tell them?

TMTYTF:  It’s a place where you can escape the real world and be yourself. You can express yourself through your bands and take them in any direction you want. It’s a virtual music industry and it’s about as close as you can get to the real thing without adding music. Figment is fun, and I will keep coming back!


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