Being able to write a band bio is a real skill – fake or real.   A good one grabs your attention and creates for the reader an image of the band, from it’s origins to it’s inspirations.  To create a true figment of a band, a player has to create a strong band bio since there is no music to clue a fan in to the band’s aesthetic.  Without a bio a fake band seems empty and well, fake.

We know we have a lot of great writers here on Figment.  so with our latest Figment Challenge we’re asking you to write the ultimate band bio!  We’ll provide the band name and you fill in the blanks!  So here we go…

The band’s name is Other Industrial Minerals.  You decide what kind of band they are, who their members are, what their back story is, and anything else you think will make them come alive.  The key is to make us a fan.  The only restrictions are that you may not use any real musicians, producers or record company names in your bio for Other Industrial Minerals.  You must also keep your bio’s length to no more than 10000 characters, just like on the site.

Submit your band bio for Other Industrial Minerals to customerservice at by no later then Friday, December 17,2011 and we’ll judge them.  The Top 3 bios will be posted on the site on Dec. 21, 2011, and the winner will be allowed to actually create the band on Figment if they so choose.  The Top 3 will also receive lucre rewards of 5,000 pieces of lucre for first place, 3000 for second place and 1,500 for third.  Again, bio entries must be received by no later than Friday, December 17, 2011 to be eligible, so get writing!

3 Responses to “Figment Challenge #3 – Band Bio”

  1. Tyman Says:

    Well, this seems like an interesting challenge… I’m in.

  2. Raybo Says:

    Just saw this now. I’m in. Big time.

  3. algoreyou Says:

    This should be fun, challenge accepted.

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