First of all, thanks to everyone who has volunteered to help us build a band.  We’re excited about seeing the results and we’re glad to hear you are too.  We’ve taken a look at what everyone volunteered to do and we’ve decided to assign the various tasks to the following players:

1.  Band Name – TMTYF and FuriousGrace

2.  Band Genre w/ explanation of the genre – ChildofAlma

3.  Band Tagline – theHoseman

4.  Band Image/Logo – frizbee and formerwageslave

5.  Band Members/Equipment – Tyman

6.  Band Bio – algoreyou

Okay, I hope everyone is happy w/ their assignments.  Since everything builds on itself, we though it would be wise to build the band step by step, so we’ll ask that each participant not start their task until the previous task has been completed.  We’ll start with TMTYTF and FuriousGrace coming up with the band’s name.  When they have completed that task we’ll post it here on the blog and the next player(s) participating will be on the clock.  Each task has a week and a half to complete their task, so TMTYTF and FuriousGrace have until February 9th to get us the name, but you can send it in before that if you get it done sooner.  Please send everything related to your task (the actual assigment, any explanation, etc) to us at customerservice at If you need more time to finish your assignment you can also just let us know.  As each of you complete your assignment you’ll receive 500 pieces of Lucre for participating.

We can’t wait to see this band slowly come together.  It’s going to be a fun exercise, and we look forward to seeing each step of the process unfold.  Let us know if you have any questions.

7 Responses to “Let’s Build A Band…Ready, Set, Go!”

  1. frizbee Says:

    Woo! Bring it on!

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    So, since FuriousGrace and I will be coming up with the band name first, without any prior knowledge of the band’s background, members, or genre, does that mean that we can pick virtually ANY band name no matter how wild and eccentric it may be??

  3. eric Says:

    Yes, that is correct. It’ll be up to everyone who goes after you to fill in the blanks. Remember to do a search on the name to make sure it’s not being used by a real band or any other band on Figment.

  4. Furious Grace Says:

    Woo! Let the games begin!

  5. Childofalma Says:

    Alright!!! Let’s rock this! This band will be a revolution \m/

  6. Tyman Says:

    This is gonna be AWESOME!!

  7. theHoseman Says:

    My pencil is itchin’ to get to work. I eagerly await my task!

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