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August 15th, 2012

For those of you following along at home, a group of 5 Figment players have embarked on a collaborative challenge to create the debut album for the band Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse, themselves a collaborative creation of a group of Figment players.  The first step in creating the album was to give it a title, and we tasked that part of the challenge to none other than Tyman.  Well, he didn’t waste any time coming back with this killer idea!

Tyman:  I came up with a whole list of ideas for Victor Rossi’s debut album, but the others didn’t quite match the vision I had for it. Since the album was by a black metal band, I wanted the album name not only to interesting, but I wanted the name to have a touch of darkness and evil. But anyways, the album name shall be: “Become The Havoc.”

All of us at Figment love the title!  Great job Tyman!  We’ll be depositing 500 pieces of Lucre in his account immediately.

The next step in the creative process is tasked to ChildofAlma who we’ve asked to create an album cover for “Become The Havoc.”

7 Responses to “Your Title Here”

  1. frizbee Says:

    That’s an awesome title. Can’t wait to see what ChildofAlma does for the cover!

  2. Childofalma Says:

    Frizbee, can you email me the logo you did in some workable format? I’d like to utilize it. Thanks!

    Dear VRBFP fans; You will not be disappointed.

  3. theHoseman Says:

    Perfect title!

  4. FuriousGrace Says:

    Sweet! Great title!

  5. Raybo Says:

    That is one helluva title. Nice work.

  6. frizbee Says:

    Consider it done, Child. You have Photoshop CS6 now, correct? I’ll send you the PSD file.

  7. Childofalma Says:

    I do, but I don’t have it up and running yet. My current computer is too old. However, I have a new computer coming for college and then I’ll have it running. Thanks! I’ll work on it through there.

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