Cleaning Out The Bookmarks Vol. 10

September 24th, 2012

It’s that time again…time to clean out the old bookmark list of all the crazy things I run across I think you all might find interesting.  So here we go!

I’m not sure what side you take on the whole music tech dilemma ( illegal downloading, etc.), but I have to say I found this presentation David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven)  gave to the SF Music Tech Summit VERY interesting.  It’s a long read, but well worth your time.

If you’ve never heard of Jason Becker it’s high time you did.  I know it took me a while to hear his story, so I didn’t want you to miss out –  check out this trailer to the documentary “Not Dead Yet”.

Another documentary I’d love to check out is Last Shop Standing about the decline of independent record stores in the UK.  Some great cameos in this one.  Thanks to Billy Bragg for bringing this one to my attention.

This may well be the best music-related promotion I’ve ever seen…leave it to Snoop.

Buzzfeed recently posted something on actual NYC locations used on album covers.  Check ’em out.

And the folks at AV Club have compiled a list of the 25 band names designed to confound listeners and irritate copy editors!

Where did punk originate?  New York?  London?  Peru!?

Derrick Castle designs all kinds of merch for bands as diverse as John Mellencamp, Ozzy Osbourne and Neil Young.  I thought this video he posted of the process involved in doing a block print was pretty interesting.  He’s doing  a series of videos on his work, so if you find that kind of stuff interesting check out his site.

Now this is a novel way to punish our enemies!

Who says Death Metal musicians have no sense of humor!

And for you Replacement fans out there, Larry has something for you – Bright Little Lights are putting out a tribute album to their favorite 80’s indie band.  Nothing new here right?  We’ll, how about doing the whole thing on ukeles? Intrigued?  Then check out their cover of “We’re Coming Out”.

Oh Axl….

Do you love Mastadon’s album “Leviathan” as much as I do?  Well then check out this guy’s take on it!

Having trouble finding a significant other to make beautiful music with?  Check out Tastebuds.

Even I geeked out on this article in Paste featuring 16 guitarists talking about their pedal boards.

The 80’s, a time of…well, hair.

And speaking of the 80’s, I really enjoyed this article from The Guardian about how Indie labels changed the world.

Indie labels may have changed the world, and the internet may have made it easier for those bands to reach their fans, but it’s still hard to manage those interactions online.  Would developing an open-source ethos help?  Enter the ironically titled non-profit group CASH.

And now back to the 80’s again…I just love this blog.

Looking for a fake band name and can’t think one up?  Why not crib one from this guy’s project!  Just heed his advice and stay away from Caldera Catnip.

Remember when Tower Records stores dotted the country?  I know, it’s quickly becoming a distant memory, but at least you can relive the store and your memories of buying music there by visiting the new Tower Records Project.

I love anything that is well designed.  So this piece on the 50 Coolest Book Cover Designs was one I poured over for some time.

And speaking of covers, if you love to stare at old LP Covers then this site is the place to do it!

Lastly, I’ve heard of in-fighting in bands, but this is over-the-top.

Don’t like Billy Joel’s music?  Neither does this guy, but it didn’t stop him from embarking on a year long quest to see if he could stomach his music.

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    I love the Mastodon cover. That guy also did a cover of Pig Destroyer’s “Loathsome” that he pulls off very well.

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