Gary Burden is going to have his work cut out for him judging the finalists in this year’s Figment Album Cover Design Contest.  We have a strong group of contenders, but only one designer out of the seven whose designs have made the final cut will be taking home a free 1-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.  So let the prognosticating begin, and check back next week to see who Gary picks as the winner and 2 runners up!



Chad Phantom and the Nobody Panic

“Moonblood Symposium”

Design by Raybo


The Angel’s Sin

“Deutoronomy 5:17”

Design by algoreyou


Eccentric Arcade

“Everything Is Better When It’s Loud” (single)

Design by frizbee


King Fu and The Shank Punch Pow


Design by Raybo


Let’s Not and Say We Did


Design by poppinfresh



“The Grand Facade”

Design by humanblooper


Hot Water Burn Baby

“State of Origin”

Design by Raybo


Daisy May

“Thrash Punk Superstar”

Design by TMTYTF



“The Guardian”

Design by GingaNinja


Red Flames Rising

“Theory of Red”

Design by TMTYTF

A special thanks to last year’s winner ChildofAlma for being part of the initial judging panel.  Good luck to all of the finalists.  Stay tuned for Gary’s picks!

4 Responses to “2013 Album Cover Design Contest Finalists”

  1. frizbee Says:

    Oof. This year is gonna be a tough one; there are a lot of great entries. Good luck to all!

  2. TMTYTF Says:

    A couple of years ago, the best I did in an album cover contest was have one cover (Shane Osiris’s “Stealing The Sun”) named as one of the ten finalists. Ever since then, none of my submissions even made the first cut. At this point, I’m totally stoked to have two of my designs in the Top 10. This will be some tough competition this year. Good luck to everyone!!!

  3. humanblooper Says:

    Nice selection, y’all. Would have thought “Perils of the Modern Man” to be the better of the two Pragmatica covers chosen for the contest. But, now that I look at it again, I like “The Grand Facade” way better.

    Thank you for the consideration! Good luck, everyone. And nice work!

  4. frizbee Says:

    I think Figment should do another edition of Cover Stories featuring Moonblood Symposium. I would love to know what went into that cover.

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