Font of Knowledge

August 1st, 2013

Figment player frizbee recently sent me a great post on FontMeme that provides info on the fonts used on a variety of rock and pop album covers. Simply click on the album cover and you’ll get a full explanation of the font used and the ability to download it for free!  Pretty cool right?  But it doesn’t end there, no siree!  They also have fonts for everything from car logos to food and even movie posters.  FontMeme is a great site if you’re looking to mimic the look and feel of your favorite band logo, etc., so stick it in your tool belt. Thanks frizbee!

3 Responses to “Font of Knowledge”

  1. frizbee Says:

    Anytime. I’m always on the hunt for stuff like this, and when I find it I always share it.

  2. poppinfresh Says:

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  3. theHoseman Says:

    So cool!

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