This Space For Rent!

September 11th, 2013

When we launched our Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboard contest earlier this year we knew that it would strike a chord with our players because the grand prize included the ability to spotlight the winner’s band on the Figment home page in grand fashion.  At the time we promised to open the billboard up to all players in due course, and we’re happy to say that time is now!

Did your band or album get pushed out of the “New Stuff” chart by other releases before it charted?  Want to build anticipation with your fan base for an upcoming release by one of your established bands?  Need to get more fans out to your latest tour?

Whether you want to hype a new band, promote your latest album release or draw fans to a concert tour the Figment Billboard offers you the prime real estate to do it!  To find out more, check out the new “Billboard” page here on Figment News.

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  1. frizbee Says:


  2. poppinfresh Says:

    I agree with frizbee… This is a great opportunity to expand a band’s visual identity or display some artwork that might not fit into the album cover format.

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