“Bands I Wish I’d Made Up” is a Figment News feature where I’ll highlight a real band that I wish I’d made up.  You know, as a fake band.  Make sense?  No?  That’s half the point.  Stop thinking and start rockin’!

Jason Isbell is an artist I’ve followed for some time, first as a member of the Southern Rock band the Drive-By Truckers and in the last few years as a solo artist and leader of Jason Isbell and the 440 Unit.  He’s a troubadour in the truest sense of the word, wrapping roots rock music around lyrics that touch on the human condition with an intelligence and street smart Southern wit that belie his age.  He’s a storyteller and damn good one at that.  I submit this recent performance of his song “Elephant” on Sirius XM’s “Outlaw Country” as proof positive.

4 Responses to “Bands I Wish I’d Made Up #5 – Jason Isbell”

  1. poppinfresh Says:

    This is an extremely well-crafted song. I am floored by it.

  2. frizbee Says:

    Wow. I love country music, but I had never heard of this guy. This is country on a whole different level.

  3. Childofalma Says:

    Being a well-rounded person, musically, country is the genre that I find myself listening to the least in my free time.

    And then I heard this song.

    Sweet mother. That was incredible.

  4. theHoseman Says:

    Love the Truckers, love Jason…really LOVE this song. To call it moving would be an enormous understatement.
    The silent C has effected my life in numerous ways and Jason’s unique way of telling a tale had me on the edge of tears.

    Kick ass!

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