Dear Figment community:

After five and a half years, it’s time for a change.  Figment the game is going to be shutting down.  Sad?  A bit, but exciting at the same time, because with every ending a new beginning presents itself.  Over the past five and half years we’ve all contributed to building a community of people who connected over a common love of music and the art that conveys that music.  It’s a community that we’re very proud to have helped create and one that we believe is worth preserving.

Our community is a small one, but an incredibly devoted one.  A place where we’ve seen friendships grow and a sense of community in the truest sense develop.  Our community is one that supports musical expression through design, and is one that is not only an outlet for but an extension of our love for music.

We’d like to take that idea and expand on it.  We believe that the core value of Figment is our community’s love of music, both real and imagined.  So why not allow you to design artwork – album covers, flyers, billboards, etc. – without being constrained by our current game’s fake environment.  Why not also allow you to share the music that inspired your designs – whether they’re fake or real.  To do this we’ll be creating a site that’s not a game per se, although it will include some aspects of gamification, but rather a place where you can share your real and fake designs, and talk about them with other members of the community we’ve all created.

Do you know of a local band that you’d love others to hear?
Create some artwork for them and post it or share their music with the community and challenge them to create artwork for it.

Do you love a new song by your favorite artist?
Why not create a piece of art that expresses that – an album cover, a flyer, anything.

Have an idea for a band that doesn’t exist and want to see if others like it?
Create a fake band just like you’ve done in the past and share it with the community.  Who knows, maybe we can even get some of the more musical members of our community to bring that fake band to life.

And that leads us to the question – why are we shutting down Figment?  Well, quite simply, because it’s become more of a deterrent to our growth as a community than a help.  When we launched Figment in 2008 social gaming was in its infancy and there certainly weren’t any games sites out there trying to tackle what we at Figment set out to do.  As a result, we had to build our own infrastructure, create our own community and do it all on a shoestring budget.  We accomplished all of those things albeit with some fits and starts, but unfortunately the costs were so high that it left little to further develop the game in a way that would make it more self-sustaining.  As our costs have eaten into our funding our ability to attract and keep new players has shrunk, and so the game itself has become an obstacle to the growth of the community.  And it’s the community that we believe is Figment’s legacy, something we can build on as a group and in doing create something new that furthers our collective love of music and design.

So while the game as you’ve known is ending, we hope you’ll embrace our enthusiasm for this new beginning and help us to create a better site for music inspired design.  For those of you wondering what will happen to your “figments”, please don’t worry they AREN’T going to disappear from the web.  In early December we’ll be taking the game site down and transitioning it’s vast library of bands to a read-only site.  This may take a month or so, but rest assured that you’re “figments” will live on.

So when will the new community launch?  Well that’s still being determined, but hopefully as soon as possible.  We’d like you to be involved in the process, so we’ll keep you posted and invite you to join as soon as we can.  We hope you’ll continue to play in our sandbox!

Thanks for being such loyal and incredibly creative members of the Figment community.  We appreciate each and every one of you.


Eric and Larry

24 Responses to “Figment – An End & A New Beginning”

  1. poppinfresh Says:

    I am sorry to hear that the game is ending, but delighted that a new era will soon begin. It sounds really exciting, and I’m looking forward to participating on the new site. Thanks for the last five and a half years, guys!

  2. raybo Says:

    This is a bummer. I said, this is a bummer, man.
    I always like to quote The Big Lebowski when I’m feeling down. And while, I am excited for the new incarnation of FIGMENT, it will be hard to say goodbye to some of my favorite bands of all time, real or otherwise. I guess I am forced to admit that the game has been limping along for a bit and could certainly benefit from a new (expanded) approach… but it does feel sad to say goodbye to “the way it was”. Ultimately, you guys are doing the right thing. This was a great game and I’ll never be able to express my gratitude accurately… so I’ll just say, THANK YOU and GODSPEED.

  3. theHoseman Says:

    I agree with poppinfresh. It’s been an incredibly fun, entertaining and creative ride. I’m so glad I stumbled upon Figment and am lucky to have had the chance to interact with such a creative, artistic community. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter in the Figment saga. Hopefully my time will free up some by the time the new site is up & running.
    I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to Eric and Larry for creating Figment and giving us all this wonderful opportunity to invent, create and design our world of fictitious bands!
    Thank you to all of you in the community as well, for making it an addicting endeavor for me!

  4. Furious Grace Says:

    wow… i don’t know what to say. i’m looking forward to seeing what the next chapter brings, and am so very glad i was here and had the opportunity to contribute and share in the community. <3

    thank you all, for everything.

  5. Tyman Says:

    I don’t know how I’ll be able to handle this. I’ve devoted about 4 or 5 years of my life to this game, and now it’s just… ending. But I’m happy you guys are moving on to bigger things, I have bigger plans for myself as well. But I do agree with the fact we’ve seen no new players. I wish people could’ve recognized how great this is (or I guess, was). Thank you for everything.

  6. Childofalma Says:

    When I was a freshman in high school I discovered Figment. Whenever I felt misguided, stressed, or like no one understood me, this site was a haven for my mind. It carried me all the way to my sophomore year of college.

    It’s funny; just the other day I was thinking, “One day, Figment will have to end.” And now, it’s happening.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m actually excited as hell for the new site. I can’t wait to jump right in, and start creating, and this time it seems like our ideas will be even more free, and discussions with other players easier. When the new site is up, you can be guaranteed I’ll be one of the first members.

    In a way, the figment world had become part of the real world to me. I would imagine what it would be like to see Zeroth perform live with Tool, see Stonekrank play a sold-out stadium right next to Shinedown, or see Medieval Casket open for Graf Orlock.

    I know this isn’t the way things are, but it’s almost like I’m saying goodbye to Miyako, Hayden, and the rest of the Forgotten Falling crew, and all the other bands I had created and nurtured to greatness. But, I can rest easier knowing it will all live on.

    It’s been one hell of a ride, team, and I’m proud to have ridden it with each and every one of you. Now let’s hop on the Highway to Hell, and I’ll see you on the other side!

  7. TMTYTF Says:

    I am just getting wind of the sad news. I LOVE Figment and I’m sad to see the original idea disappear, but the more I think about it, the new transition we will experience may be interesting. I started playing Figment a few months after I graduated high school, and now, 5 1/2 years later, I am finally finishing up college and wrapping up a new era of my life. In fact, in my personal life, I will soon be working on a cruise ship in Hawaii and would have had very limited time for Figment anyway.

    I agree with what Tyman and ChildofAlma had to say. It was an honor for Mr. Jake Governo to compare my band Stonekrank with Shinedown (that’s exactly what I was going for).

    For the record, I want to let everybody know that my band KRANK is planning on releasing their album w/ Jason Crane before Figment changes through its transition. I had such plans for their future. I was excited.

    Now that the game portion is coming to an end, I might as well share with all of you the direction I was going to take KRANK in. They were going to release 2-3 albums with Crane and eventually, David Stone was going to meet his “long lost younger brother” Brendan Stone, who had vocal chops enough to join the band KRANK as their 3rd lead singer, giving them the free right to change the band’s name back to Stonekrank sometime in 2014. After some time would pass, I was going to reunite David with Stonekrank for a triumphant comeback!!

    It’s a bittersweet memory, but I guess the future of Stonekrank will have to exist merely as a figment of my imagination.

  8. Tyman Says:

    I like what TMTYTF is doing with what would’ve happened next with his bands. I feel like I should do the same. It’s a hell of a list though, so have fun reading:

    1. Her Fearless Heart would put out a new single “I Left Because You Never Asked Me to Stay” in January, eventually announcing details of a new album. The album, “Summer Never Ends,” would see the light of day on June 21st. Three more singles – “But Oh Well,” “High School Mistakes (One Last Shot of Whiskey),” and “Hands of Fate” – would be released. They would later reveal that “Summer Never Ends” would be their final album.

    2. Dark World would’ve broken up next year, due to creative differences.

    3. The People Who Are Made Of Plasma would spawn 3 more albums.

    4. Fragile Agony would lose David DilErio due to him wanting to be with his family. They would announce indefinite hiatus.

    5. Midnight Shoes would return to the studio to record a follow up to “The Timing’s Weak.” However, they would eventually be dropped by Snowmunster records, and would not be able to finish the album due to lack of funds. They would also announce indefinite hiatus.

  9. frizbee Says:

    Wow… I’ve been visiting friends and family in Oklahoma and Texas, so I literally just saw this post. I’m not gonna lie, this is truly depressing news to me. I’m intrigued by the new concept of Figment, but I’m also deeply saddened and shocked by the fact that Figment as I’ve come to know and love it is ending. I’m honestly stunned to read that Figment is changing so drastically when there have been discussions over the past few years about how to expand the game in its current mode, and allow users to do even more things with their band(s). Now Figment is essentially being scrapped and started over from scratch. That’s depressing on its own, but I can’t help but think “What about everything that I had planned for the future?”. You have no idea how much work I’ve put into some of the things that I had coming. I’ve basically planned out the next several years of Eccentric Arcade’s career, and a few others. Now is all that work going to be for nothing? Will there be no way to still play that aspect of the game? The aspect that made Figment so important to so many people? While it’s a cool idea to have a music-based design community, I feel like there are already plenty of design sharing websites out there, and Figment’s original concept was far more creative and interactive than those websites. Not only do I feel like I’m losing something that I love dearly, but I also feel a little like I’ve invested all of this time for nothing. I’m not ready to say goodbye to my own bands, or the bands that I’ve become fans of. This is gonna take some processing…

  10. humanblooper Says:

    I have to agree with frizbee… I am rather shaken by this news. Pragmatica has become an extension of me, and now I have to kiss them goodbye.
    This is a good lesson in impermanence and letting go. Sudden death does not give as much warning as Eric and Larry have given us, time to cope and prepare for what comes next, which may be nothing at all.
    This is scary and sad, but it is a part of life. Everything must end. Even Figment.
    I, for one, will remember you all fondly and feel blessed to call you my comrades in fake bandship. I am lucky to have been a part of this world with you!
    Thank you to Larry and Eric as well. I know this decision could not have been an easy one to make.

  11. TMTYTF Says:

    Frizbee said it well, I am bummed that the game will be ending. As mentioned previously, I had plans for a 3rd Stonekrank singer and a reunion with David Stone after. I’m just glad that Figment has lasted even this long. I’ve been playing Figment and had my account longer than anybody else on this message board of comments (well, I don’t know about poppinfresh. Perhaps he’s had his account longer than me), so this is really a sentimental goodbye.

    It’s very sad, but at the same time, something about the end of Figment the game actually makes sense. I mean, I didn’t see this one coming, but somehow the game was supposed to end and this seems like the best time. Now all we can do is crank out our final hits by our best bands. Come on, everybody!!!

    You can expect new releases by the following of my bands before the end of this month:

    Red Flames Rising
    Sleeping Through The Apocalypse
    The Nymphomaniacs
    Midnight Cheerleader Rebels

    and last (but certainly not least)

    Smart Alec

  12. Crypt_Keeper Says:

    Oh man, I’m gonna miss Figment. I remember discovering this site in like…geez the end of 6th grade, beginning of 7th? I’m now a Sophomore in high school, and while I haven’t been able to donate as much of my time as I would have liked to recently, I’m gonna miss this site. When I couldn’t find other kids who liked the same stuff as me to play in bands, I created what I wanted to play here. You can look through all the records I’ve released and see me mature over time, and I think you can say that about every user’s material. I’ve met life long friends on this site, I’ve seen album artwork that made my jaw drop, songs that I loved, and created awesome memories. Thanks to everybody that bought and said nice things about things I created. While it may not seem like a lot, it helped me get more confident knowing that some people thought stuff I came up with was cool. And thanks to Eric and Larry for coming up with this great idea of a site and making it a reality.
    See you later everyone and thanks,

  13. makemlaugh2003 Says:

    ‘Tis a sad day indeed but, and I borrow directly from my dear old mentor Doctor Seuss here, I’m not as sad that it’s over as I am glad that it happened. Best of luck on the new venture.

  14. algoreyou Says:

    It’s really been a hell of a ride. I stumble across Figment when I saw a banner ad on gmail over 3 years ago while procrastinating from figuring out what I was going to do with my life. Now I’m half way through college and, while I admittedly haven’t been able to put as much time into the site as I would have liked, I’m still going to miss this. I’ve never really been much of an artist, as many of my album art outputs have shown (I just sort of figured out photoshop this year), but I’ve always loved how Figment let me be a writer. Song titles have always been my personal favorite part about all of this, a little tid-bit that lets me imagine what a song might sound like. I’ll admit I’ve been trying to write real life versions of songs I came up with for Figment, something I never would have done had it not been for the site. I’m also sad about the things I’ll never be able to do on the site. I’ve also been planning out things for the future. Old Republic was going to go on tour that culminated in a new festival series (still was working on a title) to celebrate finally passing 200 sales, Other Industrial Mineral were going to come to fruition in January (I had planned on using my break to actually get them out there), Noah Romero was going to relaunch Guitarists Unite, Anton Vukasin was planning a classic Heavy Metal project with Jacob Wolfman (Sorry to Crypt_Keeper for not giving any updates in the last year, college is brutal) and Valentine Azo from Stealth (who were going to break up), new albums from Sound of Fury, Xoana, and Deadmen Militia were going to be released after being in the hopper for over a year (2 in the case of Sound of Fury), and I still hadn’t figured out exactly what I wanted to do with Eveline Falling, but I knew I wanted to do something weird. On the site I’ve seen albums that were more convincing than the ones I saw at the local record stores, band stories that I would have loved to see made into a book, and just had such a great time along the way. Now, I think “Soundtrack of a Broken Memory” is going to be my last release on the site, a fitting end for me, after my first release by Old Republic on May 9th, 2010.

    Thanks to everyone on the site that made the experience an experience, and thanks to Larry and Eric for everything that y’all put into it.


  15. Fiction83 Says:

    Sad news really enjoyed this site and meeting all you guys thought the last few years I been a member here thanks for all your support and help guys

  16. Tyman Says:

    I was in the same boat as you are, CryptKeeper. I joined this site when I was in like 5th grade, and I am also a sophomore in high school. And now that I’m in a pop-punk band (haha it’s not Her Fearless Heart), I really take my time here on figment as a source of inspiration. I remember I had been interviewed by this site, and I was like running around the house in excitement cause it meant so much to me and I felt like my work has finally paid off. But I think the saddest part about Figment ending is I’m gonna come up with like a name of a band or band member, and I’ll think “I’M SO GONNA PUT THIS ON FIGMENT… oh wait… never mind.” But that being said, I’ll give the new site a try, but deep down I know that a huge part of my life is just ending, and that part cannot be replaced. What do you say; one last Figgies Awards?

    But if I don’t see you guys on the other side, definitely check out my band (I know, shameless promotion time)! We’re called The Trip Velvet. If you wanna check us out, go to Thank you to everyone who contributed to this game. You made this experience unforgettable.


  17. formerwageslave Says:

    Extremely sad to hear the news. I’ve been dormant for a while now, but I really loved this site and its concept. Considering that I was making up bands, cover art, shirt designs years before finding Figment, it really was tailor-made for my interests and imagination. I had a lot of plans that will never see fruition…

    Lucifer and the Long Pigs were going to go on hiatus when Jerry Lee suddenly announced that he was a born-again Christian. After putting out two albums of acoustic country and gospel songs, he would reunite LLP and release “Back in the Saddle” as well as hinting that the born-again phase was to deflect the investigation into those dead groupies from the Badlands tour. Their final live album was going to be titled, “Damn You All To Hell (live)”. I was then going to archive the band and start writing real LLP songs. Still might.

    Vorpal Queen was going to screech to a halt when Duane died of an overdose. I’d been talking myself out of it for a long time b/c I loved the band so much and kept coming up with new albums. “The Queen is Dead” would be their last release, full of covers and demos. They would also finally release that collection of improv jams, as well as a live disc from the Werewolf Concerto tour titled, “Canis, Lupus, Lycanthrope [bootleg]”. I also wanted to turn VQ into a real band.

    Estevanico was going to release an album titled “Angkor What?” with a photo of a giant stone head from Angkor Wat wearing wacky glasses. They would release a meditative album in Duane’s honor after his death.

    NORSELORDS were going to release a few super-lo-fi LPs and then reunite with the other Vengeance Burns Eternal guys and put out some really polished Sigur Ros type stuff. Dagur Odinsson was going to keep putting out wanky solo guitar records, including one with Spanish guitar.

    Tha Ronin 7’s Tha Shogun of Tha Dark was going to start producing the group’s spinoff solo albums. Total Wu Tang style.

    Mortimer C. Klaxton & His Big Damn Steam Band was going to put out more zany and quirky albums. MCK would also start replacing his limbs with brass mechanical ones…

    Janissary would continue to ramble on in sleazy, greasy rock & roll fashion, making occasional waves in the tabloids (and the legal courts).

    Steel Beneath Flesh would have continued to put out crushingly heavy Fear Factory-ish albums.

    Body.Rhythm.Machine would continue to get poppier and clubbier until they scored a hit on par with Eiffel 65’s “Blue (da ba dee)”.

    Bösenkraft was going to release a couple more angry German industrial metal records and then fizzle out. They never reconciled with B.R.M.

    Cremation Society’s only surviving member was going to create a new version of the band to cash in on their name and legacy, only to face massive public and critical backlash.

    The Alfredo Pián Trajectory were coming back from their world tour a little older and wiser to release the “A Cure for Anger (import-only single)”. I had their entire discography planned out with track titles, song lengths, artwork, best of, b-side collection, but then I lost all of that work somehow… Gone. I didn’t have the heart to re-do it all.

  18. frizbee Says:

    Man, I would have loved to have seen the release of some of that stuff, formerwageslave. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten any fresh LLP stuff, and I’ve been dying to know what became of MCK and Vorpal Queen. It’s such a shame that we’ll never get to see it all happen…

    Though, while it may not be quite the same, I can’t simply just let Eccentric Arcade die. I’ve put in far too much work, and have far too much planned to simply accept their demise. I will continue their legacy on my own via the band’s Tumblr page, which you can check out by clicking on my screen name here. I know the dynamic won’t be the same, because people won’t be able to “buy” and “listen” and review the albums, it will still be keeping the dream alive. I plan on eventually starting a RA Records page as well, where I will release other things that I had planned for my various acts (i.e. Solomon X. Lambert, Vapid, etc.)

  19. javdoc Says:

    Though I have not been active on the site for a few years now – mainly due to feeling I’d accomplished about all I could and hit a high-water mark for myself with Zeroth’s Concentric Horizons release – I have checked in every few months to see what was going on. Was surprised when I saw this notice today, though I had figured sooner or later something like this would happen. Despite everyone’s best efforts, there is only so far a concept like this can be taken until it becomes a financially-unviable labor of love kind of project. Everyone involved should be proud of all the creativity and effort that was displayed over the years on Figment, it is definitely one of the most unique undertakings I have ever seen on the Internet. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavors, and keep creating!

  20. GingaNinja Says:

    I miss figment. Never got around to saying goodbye, but here I am a year later leaving my mark. I guess I’ll start with what I had planned (What I can remember and pull up from files anyway):

    x69: was in the process of writing their final album, which would have been a two disk set with the final song being a salute to all of the fans that supported them throughout the years. The cover art was going to be a man on a theater stage tipping a hat to his audience.

    Mike Grabowski and a couple other ex members of x69 were going to start a Pop Punk/Post Hardcore band influenced by bands such as A Day To Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and Four Year Strong. Possibly would have also continued with Underclass Hero.

    Metalvein: was going to go on tour and record atleast a couple more albums. Determined to stay strong!

    Bulletproof Jacket: Not too sure. Didn’t really have many ideas for a successor to the #1 hit, “Reach”.

    P.O.O.P. Tour: would still be here of course 🙂

    She Kills With Ease: Can’t remember if I ever released “Captive”, but if I did, they’d be touring that album. Most likely with Daylights Rising who had released “Element”.

    Other Projects: Was planning to start a progressive Djent band influenced by ERRA, Periphery, Volumes, Reflections, Northlane, etc.

    I realize how big of a part of life this was for me now and it’s still sad that I can’t turn to figment to express my creative ideas anymore. I wish you all the best and hope all of you are doing well.

    Eric aka


  21. Tyman Says:

    Wow, it’s really been a year since Figment’s been gone? Feels like yesterday.

  22. GingaNinja Says:

    I want this site to come back so bad. I have so many ideas cluttering my mind now.

  23. Tyman Says:

    This site needs to make a comeback. It really should.

  24. Thomas Ferranti Says:

    Hi all!
    I hope all the figmenters are doing well and good.
    I can’t believe all that time has passed since we were all anxiously peeking in on our “babies” on the figment chart, and looking forward to seeing what we have missed and leaving comments and reading comments and creating and sharing…

    I archived all my figment entries on my FaceBook page if anyone would like to enjoy them now, and be reminded how fun it all was, and imagine that we may have a new reborn figment in the future? Only Eric and Larry know! 😀 Thanks for everything, and if this little “self-promotion” makes someone smile and create and remember, then it’s worth it… Click the pictures to read the text as included originally (song titles, etc.). Peace.

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