Become The Havoc Liner Notes

October 10th, 2012

Well, we’ve reached the end of our “Let’s Build A Band” and “Let’s Build An Album” project!  FuriousGrace was tasked with the tough job of putting words to paper or should I say fingers to keys, in an effort to create the ultimate liner notes for Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse’s debut record “Become The Havoc.”  As usual, she knocked it out of the park!   Here are the liner notes for “Become The Havoc”:

Recorded in an abandoned train station that harbors the ghosts of unsettled conductors and what sounds like the souls of murdered children but are more likely feral animals, “Become the Havoc” is not an album you take home to your family. Pure evil doesn’t even cut it. The cacophony of sound that shudders through your ears and down your spine will leave your heart thrumming and your stomach lurching as this shock-and-awe assault on your senses churns out your soul and turns you into an empty shell.

The station was re-vamped to provide studio quality sound, while simultaneously providing the right atmosphere for inspiration of this jarring group of people. Tina’s tiny frame belies her furious drumming abilities, whilst Ryan’s quiet bass haunts you with its lilting tones. Victor’s horrific screams are matched only by Dmitri’s screeching guitar. Altogether the noise brings nightmarish tunes that are remembered long after the last chords are played. You don’t just listen to this music – it becomes a part of you in such a way as to leave you forever changed.

Become one of the posse. Become the Havoc.

Victor Rossi – Shure Microphones, Dean 7 String Guitars, Randall Guitar Amps.

Dmitri Carlton – BC Rich 7 String Guitars, Engl Guitar Amps, Shure Microphones.

Ryan Drako – Schecter 6 String Basses, Behringer Bass Amps.

Tina Neilson – Yamaha 7 Piece Double Bass Drumsets, Pro-Mark Japanese White Oak Drumsticks, Paiste Cymbals


So there you have it.  Victor Rossi, His Big Fat Posse, and their record “Become The Havoc.”  I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the journey.  I’d like to thank all of you who participated for your hard work and creativity.  I think you created a great figment!  More specifically thanks to FuriousGrace for putting the final note on this great album.  We’ll be putting 500 pieces of Lucre into her account to say thanks!

Now the question is, should we really breathe life into this figment?  I’m proposing that I create the band on Figment and then every so often switch ownership of the band to one of the players who participated to do whatever they want with Victor and His Posse.  Each person can let customer service know when they’d like to pass it off or we can establish a reasonable amount of time to allot to everyone.  If you’d rather not take part, that’s fine.  So let me know what you think and whether or not you’d like to participate by leaving a comment below.


Become The Havoc Track Listing!

September 19th, 2012

We tasked TMTYTF and algoreyou with the tough assignment of coming up with the songs for Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse’s debut record “Become The Havoc.”  We’re thrilled to announce that they have completed the task and come up with some songs that are not only worthy, but otherworldly!   So here they are…

Different Dimensions

In A Fist

Corpse Defiling Machine


Hell of a Headcase

Profane Mass

Undying Blitz

Deathgrind Nation

Hymn of the Electric Chair

Become The Havoc

The Moshing Anthem (Courtesy of Rossi’s Posse)

Blood Feast

Dripping Acid


Wow, that’s top notch guys.  Thanks!  We’ll be depositing 500 pieces of Lucre in each of their accounts for all of their hard work on this assignment.  Next up, FuriousGrace has the unenviable hard task of writing the liner notes for this magnum opus.  We can hardly wait!!!!


Become The…Cover!

August 30th, 2012

When we began to assign tasks for this “Let’s Build An Album” assignment, we knew our players would pull out all the stops, but I gotta say so far we’ve had even our lofty expectations blown out of the water.  First Tyman came up with a killer album title, and now behold the incredible cover for the album that ChildofAlma designed!  Wow.  We were so blown away we’ve decided to throw a little extra lucre in ole ChildofAlma’s account, because he deserves it.

So the pressure is on for TMTYTF and algoreyou who are assigned the task of coming up with the songs for VR&BFPs debut.  Something tells me they won’t let us down!!

Your Title Here

August 15th, 2012

For those of you following along at home, a group of 5 Figment players have embarked on a collaborative challenge to create the debut album for the band Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse, themselves a collaborative creation of a group of Figment players.  The first step in creating the album was to give it a title, and we tasked that part of the challenge to none other than Tyman.  Well, he didn’t waste any time coming back with this killer idea!

Tyman:  I came up with a whole list of ideas for Victor Rossi’s debut album, but the others didn’t quite match the vision I had for it. Since the album was by a black metal band, I wanted the album name not only to interesting, but I wanted the name to have a touch of darkness and evil. But anyways, the album name shall be: “Become The Havoc.”

All of us at Figment love the title!  Great job Tyman!  We’ll be depositing 500 pieces of Lucre in his account immediately.

The next step in the creative process is tasked to ChildofAlma who we’ve asked to create an album cover for “Become The Havoc.”

A few brave souls have agreed to collaborate on creating Victor Rossi & His Big Fat Posse’s first album. So here are the assignments.

Album Name – Tyman

Album Cover Design – ChildofAlma

Song Titles – TMTYTF & algoreyou

Album Description (Liner Notes) – FuriousGrace

Okay, I hope everyone is happy w/ their assignments.  We’re going to run this the same way we built the band, so we’ll ask that each participant not start their task until the previous task has been completed. We’ll start with Tyman coming up with a name for the album. When he has completed that task we’ll post it here on the blog and the next player(s) participating will be on the clock.  Each player(s) has a week and a half to complete their task, so Tyman you have until Sunday, August 19th to get us the album’s name, but if you get it done sooner feel free to send it in. Please send everything related to your task (the actual assigment, any explanation, etc) to us at customerservice at If you need more time to finish your assignment you can also just let us know. As each of you complete your assignment you’ll receive 500 pieces of Lucre for participating.

Thanks!  We can’t wait to see the finished album!