Figment Playlist is a new feature here on Figment News where we ask a Figment musician to share the 15 favorite songs he/she enjoys listening to the most.

Thrice Knightley may be best known for his work with his long time band Let’s Not and Say We Did, but the Hawkins Springs, KY native has also released a string of singles as a solo artist, and his long awaited full-length solo album “Based On A True Story” was finally released on January 31, 2012 on Heiroglyph Records.  While Knightley is primarily known for his guitar work, he decided not to work with other musicians on his solo debut and instead played all of the instruments on the record himself.  So what does this multi-faceted musician listen to when he has some down time?  We thought we’d find out.

Here is Thrice Knightley’s Figment Playlist:

Thrice Knightley:  Have you ever heard a song and thought, “Aw man… I wish I had written that song?”  Well I have — plenty of times.  Sometimes the lyrics of a song just crystallize my thoughts better than I ever have myself or make me look at something or someone in a whole new way.  Sometimes it’s the melody or harmonies or rhythms that are so original that I wish I’d thought of them… and sometimes it’s the production and arrangements that take me to places I’ve never been before — or places in my past that I long to return to. Each of these songs has captured my imagination in some way.

It was really tough to produce a list of just fifteen songs because there are so many great bands out there.  My apologies to my many other favorites I had to leave off this list.

“Prayer for Oxygen” by The Forgotten Falling – What I really like about this song is just the feel of it.  The synths, the guitars, the drums, the vocals — they’re all just so right.  I could listen to it for hours on end.

“Sing” by Stonekrank – I love when a song from one musical genre is redone in a completely different genre — and works.  “Sing” is one of those songs.  It’s sorta like Seether’s version of “Careless Whisper” only even more so.  It could have come out sounding really hokey, but Stonekrank did a masterful job.

“Lithium Crash” by Cherry Vendetta – So much anger.  So much lust.  Love the attitude.  And these women can PLAY!  All their songs are awesome, but “Lithium Crash” is tops IMHO.

“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Sepsis” by The Four Docs – I grew up going to the Appendix Day parade in my hometown, and this song brings back a lot of really good memories from my childhood.

“The Day The Well Ran Dry” by Shrapnel Wagoneers – One of the best new bands on figment, and this tribute to a fallen comrade is some of their finest work.

“Cutting Into My Teeth” by Cadem – You can hear the band’s influences on this track, but there are plenty of surprises here, too.  From my favorite Cadem album, The Eighth Procession.

“Occam’s Machine Gun” by Noah Romero – Sometimes a razor just isn’t enough.  Good thing Occam brought artillery.

“Chasing The Bleatles With Needles” by Voracious Knitters – They’re kooky AND smart — my favorite combination.

“Absinthe Minded” by Zandergriff Miggs & The Parliament of Owls – What can I say? Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. A great track from one of the most imaginative bands out there. My hat is permanently off to these guys.

“Gnome… Adder… What?!” by Bagfinder – They’re proteges of the Wheat-Beatles, but they’re so much more than that.  Their brand of hook-laden rock is perfect for riding around with your friends. That’s saying a lot in my book.

“The Ballad of Leonard Nimoy” by Kaffeine Induced Heart Attack – Who more deserves to have a song written about him than Leonard Nimoy… unless it’s William Shatner?  Great job, guys!

“The Lost” by Britboy82 – This band takes me back to the British Invasion of the 80’s — what a great time that was for hard rock.  It’s a shame Britboy82 has broken up.  I’ll miss them.

“Put Your Bullet Where Your Mouth Is” by x69 – A track from x69’s latest single.  Their best work yet.  Can’t wait for the album.

“Petri-Dish something-something (A Work In Progress)” by The Chosen Rejects – I know it was a work in progress when recorded, but this song exemplifies this band’s originality.  And I’m still trying to figure out all the lyrics…

“Pedal:  Into Revelation” by Calavera Electrica – Very original, and very listenable.  Who could ask for anything more?

Figment Playlist is a new feature here on Figment News where we ask a Figment musician to share the 15 favorite songs he/she enjoys listening to the most.

Jacob Wolfman’s band Werewolf Concerto may be breaking up, but the singer/guitarist is anything but out of work at the moment.  As Werewolf Concerto wind down their remaining live dates on the Sparks of Summer Tour 2011, and inch closer to their final live show at the Thrash Bash Festival in Springfield, MA on July 3rd,  Jacob is already looking forward to working on a new album with his supergroup Coffin Lords.  In the meantime, we caught up with him at recent tour date in Atlanta, GA to see just what he’s listening to these days.

Here is Jacob Wolfman’s Figment Playlist:

“Agents of Subversion” by Old Republic – From one of the many classic OR records. Plus the riff to this song is crushing!

“A Great Vision Unfolding” by Estevanico – Some really good psychedelia here.

“Cyberscream” by Zeroth – Immensely complex, this is everything we love about Zeroth, turned up to 11.

“Bodies Floating to Tokyo Bay” by Minagoroshi – Probably the best Japanese death metal band that I’ve ever heard.  Definitely wish these guys would come back.

“Ghosts of the Blackest Mass” by Living Dead God – Little known British black metal group.  Some of the best black metal out there.

“Red Sky” by A Therapy for Pain – Killer British metal group, reminiscent of the NWOBHM days.

“Is It In Yet?” by x69 – Not my normal cup of tea, but this band is damn fun.

“The Month of Blood” by Vengeance Burns Eternal – This band started off playing Viking Metal, which was awesome, thn they experimented, and it was still cool, but now they’re doing black metal stuff and it’s fucking awesome.

“You’re Growing Cold” by The Night Walkers – WC toured with The Night Walkers early on.  Awesome people, awesome band.

“Ophelya” by The Forgotten Falling – From what is probably my favorite TFF record (“Neo-Gothic Metropolis”) this melodeath-trance metal power ballad (as Hayden Frasco once described it to me) has this one riff, once the heavy part of the song kicks in, that just destroys everything.

“Undeniable Shipwreck” by Squidbitchez – Damn dude.  Antoinette can play violin like no one else.

“Machine Corps” by Body.Rhythm.Machine – I really don’t know what to say about this band, except they rule.  And I think that serves them justice.

“Baked (Like An Apple Pie)” by Stoned Ambition – Ah, weed.

“A Legend Born” by Wakizashi – I don’t care who you are, you know damn well that Wakizashi is epic.

“Supernova Sex Blast (The Big Bang)” by Vorpal Queen – Love hanging out with these dudes.  And their music?  In my Top 5 of Figment bands, most definitely!

So give these songs/albums a listen and if you haven’t bought them yet, add them to your Figment album collection!

(A special thanks to Crypt_Keeper for working with us to develop this new Figment News feature.)