Yo! Bum Rush the UK!

February 27th, 2009


Hey – check out the great write up Figment got on the blog Strictly Independant.  If you love any of the hip hop related arts then Strictly Independant is the blog to read.  Penned by the wonderfully named “Figment”, Strictly Independant has reviews on everyone influencing the UK hip hop scene.  Whether it’s from across the pond (Jay-Z) or closer to Blighty (up-and-coming new UK artists like 777), this blog is required reading for every hip hop fanatic.  So check out Strictly Independant by clicking here and spread the Figment love!

The good folks at Baristanet.com gave us a nice write up.  So show them some love and check out Fresh Meat Necklace People the band they created!

BTW – do you have a local news/media outlet that you think would be interested in Figment?  Help us spread the word about Figment by alerting any blogs, radio stations, websites, newspapers or TV stations about what Figment is all about.  We’d appreciate the help!