A New Pony In The Stable!

December 13th, 2010

It’s the holidays, and despite my age I still enjoy a good toy!  So what better present to unwrap then the latest addition to the Figment Racing Team – a Porsche 997 GT2.  Wow, she sure is a beauty!

So thanks to javdoc, the car’s driver and designer, for such a great present, and keep an eye out him on XBox’s Forza Motorsport – he’ll be that black blur that blows past you on a straight away!

Racers in Xbox’s Live Forza racing may think they’re seeing double these days, but they’re not it’s just the latest addition to Team Figment Racing’s team.  Joining Figment’s Lamborghini Diablo GTR car is their brand new Lamborghini Murcielago.

Although the Murcielago is currently racing in a lower performance class it has already staked it’s claim on the Live Forza tracks by racking up a few wins.  Driver and car designer javdoc plans to sell the car’s livery in much the same way he has sold the Diabo livery, so be on the lookout, because chances are the only view you’ll have of the newest addition to Team Figment racing is this…

Team Figment Racing!

February 23rd, 2010

Have you seen this car roaring past you on a track recently?  Probably not in the real world, but thanks to the work of Figment player javdoc Figment has entered the virtual world of Xbox Live Forza racing with their very own car sponsorship!

So thanks to javdoc for getting our car on the track, and if you play Forza on Xbox Live, keep your eyes on the road because that blur that just went by you was Team Figment!

If anyone else wants to represent Figment in the Xbox world or anywhere else please send us an email asking permission using the feedback link on the bottom of ever page on the site.